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What It’s Like To Be A Provider

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What It’s Like To Be A Provider

Companionship is a mutually beneficial opportunity for people to connect in person to do basically whatever floats your boat.  It is good company, lively conversation, cocktails in hand in the company of a sensual young lady wanting to show you a fun time.  Life can be a whirlwind in the city that never sleeps.  How lucky am I to get to be the girl who slows down time, chats about everything or nothing and makes sure you have the time of your life?

How The Idea Of Being A Provider Came To Me

I have always been attracted to men older than me.  I was online dating and swiping professionally secure gentlemen.  They were often busy with their careers and children.  That was fine by me as I’m distracted by school and friends right now.  It only made sense to monetize what I am most passionate about.  I’ve always been very sensual.  I enjoy and crave sex.  Frankly I’ve received very positive feedback even before entering the world of escorting. Now I’m able to enjoy the company of true gentlemen and experience a high-end lifestyle while doing what I’m most passionate about.

To be honest, escorting came very naturally to me.  I was already dating distinguished men.  That along with my sexual nature gave me the confidence to be successful.  I suppose I had the most amount of nervousness with my very first date as I rode the elevator to his hotel room.  Once in the room he began making small talk and starting fussing with the radio and walking around showing me every corner of his space.  I quickly realized he was the nervous one and invited him to the sofa to enjoy a glass of wine with me.  I can always tell when it is someone’s first time and try extra hard to make him or her feel at ease with me.

Challenges I Face Most Being A Provider

I want to start by saying I absolutely love and am proud to be part of the sex work industry.  Anything you do in life always comes with it’s own challenges. Mine include a minor but manageable few.  My clients are very busy professionals and I am sensitive to that.  It is tricky however when I am given less than a day notice.  I am completely understanding that the thought to find a date can be sporadic or even last minute.  It does not make our logistics any easier though.  I show up showered, dressed in high-end classy sexy professional attire, makeup, manicure, pedicure, hair done and all items needed.  It takes a lot of time to prepare and longer if I need to travel to you.

I once had someone give me 13 minutes notice and I was an hour and a half away from his requested location.  I would have loved to meet this person if only I had at very least 24 hours notice.  On the flip side I have gone through all of said steps only for the client(s) not to show.  I do not give those gents a second chance on a date particularly if I found a place to stay unnecessarily.  I often get what I refer to as time wasters. These may consist of folks who never had any intention of seeing me, spend a lot of time texting anything other than logistics, and those who continuously ask for more and more photos.

I have plenty of very recent professional photos on my website and social media or OnlyFans if you’re even more curious.  😉  The more notice given, the more screening info provided and the more you give the impression you will be kind and safe will likely lead to a fun and relaxed first date.

Managing My Personal Life As A Provider

Managing time as a provider is a bit tricky because there is no real set schedule.  My regulars reach out to me when they’re in town and I do my best to see them.  For this reason I am not able to work a traditional 9-5.  I have just enough time to be a successful student, spend time with my gents (sometimes ladies) and any free time I keep balance by visiting friends and family.  If I ever say no to a date it’s simply because I can’t.  Organization is crucial.  I take what I do very seriously.

From an emotional perspective I think it is very very important that sex workers have a confidant they can talk to.  This work has many benefits and has allowed me to truly be myself. It also comes with a unique set of challenges. Unlike other professions, most of us providers choose not to share the good, the bad and the in-between with friends and family. I can’t imagine it’s healthy to hold all that inside.  Experience has given me the confidence to trust in myself.  I have gotten to a point where I have created equal balance in the amount of work I am doing.

What Should Gentlemen Who Have Never Engaged A Provider Before Know & Behave?

Thank you for asking!  First of all, clients should know that it is completely normal to feel nervous especially on our first date.  While I wouldn’t call myself nervous, there is always that initial meet and greet butterflies.  It is very important to me that a gentleman (or lady) does their homework before meeting me.  Proper etiquette and donation amount are clearly written on my website.

Bonus points to the gents who research even further online or through a friend about how to treat a provider particularly if it’s your first time.  For example, as a provider I want to offer an optimum girlfriend experience.  This is very important to me. During our time I want you to feel cared for, sensual and listened to.  For that reason, it is mandatory your donation for our time together is left in an envelope in the bathroom.  A key ingredient to ensuring a fun and mutually beneficial relationship is to treat your provider with kindness and respect and it will be reciprocated.

Initial contact with me (texting or email only) should reflect true gentleman behavior just like in the civvy dating world.  If you begin a text with “hey baby” or explicit requests or request we “party” together please understand I cannot / will not respond.  An ideal client will show up with asked for donation without negotiation.  While tipping and gifts are not mandatory I have been grateful for the fair amount of gents who go above and beyond to be generous.  It is always appreciated and likely to ensure future dates. 🙂

I arrive to our date freshly showered and groomed.  Like all providers, I do expect my gents to arrive with the same attention to hygiene.  You are welcome to use my shower before and after our date within the allotted time.  Speaking of time, we have a reserved time slot for a reason.  It means (like you) I probably have somewhere else to be afterwards … either professional or personal.  Either way please be respectful of time.  I will surely not waste yours. 😉 When I visit Disney World, I would never ask Mickey Mouse to remove his mask.  In the same regard, I kindly ask not to engage in conversation that breaks the fourth wall.  For example, “what is your real name?”  Let’s simply enjoy Disney World!

Please accept all of the above as means to a great time together as opposed to a list of no’s.  With mutual respect and fairness to one another, a sexy evening will feel fun and organic.

Something My Clients Should Know About Me

I truly believe what separates me from most other providers is my open minded, non-judgmental, and adventurous views of sex.  During our date, I can guarantee a true girlfriend experience. I’m an excellent listener and affectionate. Please don’t underestimate my girl next-door appearance or shy demeanor.

For example, I’ve always enjoyed giving oral to completion.  My gents have been extraordinarily complimentary. 😉 Toys always add a little spice to our fun.  I have experience with girls, couples, and transsexuals.  I love it when my dates feel comfortable enough opening up to me allowing us to explore together.

Corinne Reilly – Hi!  I am Corinne Reilly from Manhattan. You can often find me in NYC and spend quite a bit of my summers in CT.  When my nose isn’t in school books I love to travel and grab cocktails with my girlfriends.  Let’s be adventurous together!

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Corinne Reilly

Hi! I am Corinne Reilly from Manhattan. You can often find me in NYC and spend quite a bit of my summers in CT. When my nose isn’t in school books I love to travel and grab cocktails with my girlfriends. Let’s be adventurous together!


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