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How To Create An Amazing Cam Show

Sex Ed

How To Create An Amazing Cam Show

I love sex. I’ve always been a very sexual person. I masturbated very early and the pattern of my acquaintance for debauchery and deviance was starting to show. I do not only love penetration, I love everything that gravitates around it: sexual history, paraphilias, preferences etc. I have been very curious and explored a lot in the past and I don’t regret a thing. I am still exploring today but in a different way.

Why I Love Having Sex On Cam

I love the idea of being desired. That people are excited by me. I am a little bit of an exhibitionist so I love being watched or even/at least the idea of it.

People jerking off to me and fantasizing on me ? And passing a message ? Hell yes.

Sexual Acts I Enjoy Filming

Mostly teasing n stripping off, spit play, spanking, foot fetish, squirt, vaginal penetration, Uro, blowjobs (toy) and special demands 🙂

Preparation Required Before Going On Cam

Mmmhh you could create an ambiance with a décor, a certain light etc..

Take a shower – choose an outfit – put on make-up maybe, should I say ?

And theoretically, If I was to do anal, I should do a washing (too lazy plus inserting things in my anal cavity makes me wanna pee).

Tips To Create Your Own Videos

Good luck to you if you’re getting started in the X biz. I would say:

– Follow your instinct

– Do what you want

– Charge what you want

– Remain smart

– Remain legal

– Be yourself

– Get some skills

– Learn to tease enough to entice them to tip, but not too much cause they would just wait till you do.

– Learn to say no

– Be playful

– Cover your traces (get a VPN), don’t give out information about your location, your activities, where you live; no events or names

– Purchase a good webcam

– Get a dedicated email address and social media

– Know your value

Antimuse – I am a young and french sex entertainer. I am an escort, Domina, model, Camgirl, porn amatrice and more to come…

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I am a young and French sex entertainer. I am an escort, Domina, Model, Camgirl, porn amatrice and more to come...


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