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Simple Yet Affective Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

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Simple Yet Affective Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

Just because you’re staying in the same room for virtually your entire life, there’s no reason for you to let the boredom get to you.

When you’re creative (or kinky) enough, there are many ways for you to spice up your bedroom. When you do so, your entire mood also gets better. Then, love will just be steaming in the air. Who knows, you and your partner may even have that renewed sense of love.

Especially when you now live in the same house, it can be straightforward to slip into a routine. The bedroom feels nothing more than a place to sleep and have sex. Then, it may be the same mood over and over again. If things have been going that way, you’re in the right place. This article is here to help you make that bedroom feel hot and steamy all over again.

Whatever the reason why you want to spice up your bedroom, these are some tips that’ll lead you to that goal. Read through to learn more.

  1. Play Some Games In Your Bedroom

Who says the bedroom is only for sleeping, sex, relaxing, or watching a movie? If you haven’t tried it already, then you may want to play games in your bedroom.

When it’s just you and your significant other left awake in the house, playing games in the bedroom spices up not only the mood of the room itself but even your relationship. From time to time, it pays to be competitive and to challenge each other. Then, see what your reward (or punishment) will be.

To help you get started, here are some bedroom games ideas that add an element of fun:

  • Play a “Yes/No/Maybe” game
  • Make-believe or play pretend
  • Have a sex fantasy jar. Then, take turns rewarding each other by picking from the jar
  • Board games
  • Blind poker

For more ideas of fun games that you can incorporate to spice up your bedroom, visit omgkinky.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Even when you’ve consistently been in bed with the love of your life, you can still spice things up with one simple change, that is, by making eye contact.

If you notice that you haven’t been making eye contact lately, try it out. It’s one of the easiest ways to spark that connection again. When you’re making eye contact, it can give you that added boost of confidence. Then, this positive energy also gets passed on to your partner.

Here’s how making eye contact can help spice up your chemistry, even when you’re in the same old bedroom over and over again:

  • It’s a bold move that helps keep you and your partner aroused
  • It makes you more comfortable with each other
  • It intensifies the effects of oxytocin
  1. Add A Mirror To Your Bedroom

If you’ve got a blank wall in your bedroom, then now’s a good time for you to invest in a new mirror – the bigger the mirror, the better. First, this would have many purposes in your bedroom, and mirrors are quite cheap. So, it’s an investment that you might want to look into.

Aesthetically wise, it makes your bedroom look more elegant. Ever notice how a lot of hotel rooms also have mirrored walls? In addition to that, it’ll also make your space look bigger. When you’re dressing up, you can see your outfit from top to bottom.

Then, when you’re undressed and in bed, it also has many benefits to help bring so much spice to your bedroom.

Thus, give yourself a new point of view. Rather than staring at the same blank wall or portrait over and over again, try looking at each other while doing the deed. Watching yourselves do it, right in the comforts of your bedroom, in front of the mirror, gives you that comfort to be yourselves.

That said, here are other reasons for you to try out having sex in front of the mirror:

  • It’s a very hot way to connect more with your partner when you can see each other from different angles
  • Since you don’t just see yourself, but you see each other, it’ll bring you and your partner closer to each other.
  • It makes you more confident
  1. Bring Out The Massage Oil

Rather than going out regularly to have a massage, why not take turns in giving each other a massage instead? This way, you’ve got another use for your bedroom also.

In providing a massage, it’s not only to spice things up in the form of sexual activity. Sex doesn’t even necessarily have to happen after the massage. It just adds that new, steamy, element of love in your bedroom. In fact, massaging your loved one also shows that you care and love them enough to take care of them.

If you’ve got extra candles, bring them out, too. This helps set the mood in your bedroom by bringing down the shades or the block-out curtain. Then, light some candles – scented if you have any. As simple a change as that, you’re creating that brand new mood and experience in the same bedroom.

Here are other great reasons to set up that massage parlor mood in your very own bedroom:

  • It helps relieve whatever anxiety your significant other is feeling.
  • It takes away the stress of having to drive to and from your massage parlor.
  • It enables you both to sleep more soundly.
  • It prolongs the relaxation benefits that a massage can bring.
  • It helps to fight fatigue.
  1. Play A Love Song Playlist

Whatever the mood you’re feeling, don’t under-estimate the power of music. If you’re feeling wild, why not play loud music. If you’re feeling in love, play love songs. If you’re feeling kinky, then perhaps a sex playlist will do the trick. Thus, if you’ve been having the same mood over and over again, the power of music can change things up.

To help you get started, here’s a sample list of songs that you can incorporate in your love song playlist:

  • “You See The Trouble With Me” by Barry White
  • “She’s Like The Wind” by Patric Swayze
  • “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin
  • “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye
  1. Wear Heels When Going Around The Bedroom

If you’ve long gotten used to wearing house clothes and pajamas whenever you’re in your bedroom, then change things up a bit tonight. If you’ve got those trusty heels that you haven’t worn in quite some time, bring it out.

As explained above, the bedroom isn’t only meant for sleeping. So, give your significant other that new image of yourself. Perhaps, even after a party or a night out, you may want to keep your heels on for a while. This can help set the mood for some sexual love, even when you’re still in the same old bedroom as you’re used to.

Here are some reasons why men, in particular, love to see high heels around the bedroom:

  • It creates a new sense of attention and fantasy for your man
  • It enhances your overall body shape
  • It adds that added boost of confidence that women may need
  • It makes women look just a tad bit sluttier in the bedroom
  1. Turn It Into Your “Red Room”

Take note that this shouldn’t go beyond the limits that you’ll end up hurting each other. What it means here is that there are so many ways to turn your bedroom into your very own red room.

For instance, you can dim the lights or turn them off – make sure light is completely blocked. Then, be ready with a few toys here and there that you can bring out. This can help create a new and playful mood, even when you’re in the same room.

You may even want to bring it one step further by changing your sheets to black or red for this purpose. If you haven’t tried bondage, then bring out the handcuffs. Now’s the perfect time for you to play with each other’s fantasies.

Here are some DIY bondage or BDSM ideas that you can incorporate in your bedroom:

  • Tease your partner around the room
  • Always be safe
  • Be dominating
  1. Change Your Pillow Position

Another very effective change that you can incorporate in your room can is simply changing the position of your pillows.

Thus, if you’ve gotten used to having your pillow behind your head the whole time, why not try something new. For instance, you may want to put a pillow below your hips. Doing different changes or positions with pillows that you already have is an effortless way to spice things up in your bedroom.

As a bonus, you may also want to change your pillowcases to silk! There’s just that sexy and delicate feel that silk brings.


Now that you have these tips and tricks on how to spice up your bedroom, it’s now more effortless to break whatever routine it is that you’ve made or have gotten used to. Even when you’ve got to stay in the same bedroom for a while, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to breed and cultivate boredom. Rather, it’s even a fun way for you to be creative and think of new ways from time to time to spice up your room.

These tips will show you that spicing things up in your bedroom can help improve the love, the bond, and the connection. Now your room will start feeling brand new again.

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