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Avoid These 8 Things Before And After Sex

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Avoid These 8 Things Before And After Sex

Well, most of the sex gurus or other sex education blogs would tell you about a few things that you need to do before sex. For instance, shaving, using precaution, taking a shower, not consuming alcohol, and others are some of the things and we all know about that but, there some very significant things that you should not be doing before and even post-sex. So here we are going to tell you some important things you must avoid pre and post-sex.

Never Rush To The Washroom

Everyone suggests to pee after having sex in order to avoid a urinary tract infection. So going to pee immediately after sex is not advisable as a little urine is not going to cause any infection. So, stay in the bed with your partner, clean up, cuddle, unless if your bladder is going to blast. Some also suggest avoiding pee before sex as it may help you to last longer.

Never Consume Alcohol

This is a cliché thing but a very important one. Alcohol can have very adverse effects on the sexual life of a person. Overconsumption of alcohol before sex may make your experience unsatisfying. According to a study, 4 out of 10 men reportedly can have the problem of getting orgasm after having too many drinks. Men can face problems in ejaculation under the influence of alcohol while women take more time and stimulation to get orgasm. It can also affect the hormones of the body that are necessary for arousal and climax. In man, sperm count may also get affected.

Avoid Using Phone Or TV

Don’t use the phone before or after having good sex. Once you are finished, get yourself cleaned, and then spend some time with your partner to cuddle and have chat. Men prefer to sleep, smoke, or use the phone but avoiding these things will make your sexual life even better. Even if you are a game addict, it would be better to use the no deposit bonus that you have earned in an online casino site some other time and spend that special time with the partner.

Don’t Elevate Your Pelvis, Women

If you just had sex without any precaution then you should be avoiding elevate your pelvis if you don’t want to get pregnant. It is being said in several WebMD posts that elevating your pelvis may increase the chances of conceiving as it helps the sperms to travel smoothly into the cervix. So it depends on your choice. If your back hurts even after good sex and you don’t want to conceive, avoid elevate your pelvis.

Never Avoid The Pre-And Post-Sex Shower

You should ask your partner to take a shower before sex as well as after. In men, behind the foreskin, it can have bacteria that may cause UTI. They may pass to the partner if not properly cleaned. And, after sex shower is also important. Women can use oral sex that will clean the area before sex.

Don’t Eat Too Much

This is the most important thing to remember. Don’t have too much food, not even healthy ones before one or two hours of sex as some may cause gas during sex. Also, don’t rush to the food after having sex. Have some rest and clean up properly. If you need to eat something then you can have chocolate as it will get you in the mood.

Don’t keep Sex Toys Without Cleaning Them Up

If you had used sex toys in your intimate experience then it is safe to clean them thoroughly as if not, some infectious bacteria can grow. Clean them with cleaning wipes.

Don’t Sleep In Your Lingerie

Avoid sleeping in lingerie after sex as it may cause irritation. Sex makes vagina sensitive so going commando would be a good idea. Wear anything cotton top cover yourself and avoid nylon, polyester, or rayon garments.

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