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What It Takes To Be A Content Creator


What It Takes To Be A Content Creator

My personal views towards beauty is that beauty comes from within. I know that’s a default answer but somehow it’s truer than ever nowadays. It also applies in fashion; if you feel beautiful, it will radiate and everyone will notice it. Comfort first over trend. That’s my fashion mantra, if you’re comfortable in what you wear; you will shine. Doesn’t matter if you don’t follow the trend.

How I Got Into Modeling

I have tons of photographer friends, they would get me as their test model from time to time. And I love getting my photos taken, that’s when I realized that I wanna get into this business.

Was Being A Content Creator A Natural Move?

Not really. I was struggling at first but then I’m thankful that I know people who are already into the business, who notices that I’m always online, so why not make a career out of it.

Misconceptions About Content Creators

Some people would still think of us as “freeloaders” and we are only after for the free stuff. We’re not. It takes a village to do what we do; from concept, style guides, contents to do. It’s not easy. We make it look easy because we love what we do.

What To Know Before Becoming A Content Creator

You need to find your niche. Where do you want to focus on; is it beauty? Food? Health and wellness? Travel? You need to find which field you are going to take. And invest in equipment; take good pictures. Be active online.

Camille Jamie Gabol is a Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Content Creator and Model who is based in Manila, Philippines. Camille has a full-time corporate work while she does content and modelling on the side. You can check her profile and sponsored campaigns on her Instagram and her Facebook Page.

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Images from Camille Jamie Gabol

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