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What To Expect When Engaging A Companion

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What To Expect When Engaging A Companion

I think companionship is something we as social beings all need. There are different types and levels of companionship and as humans we like to spend time with the people that ‘get’ us, that make us feel happy and comfortable with ourselves and that appreciate and support us.

Personally, I love meeting new people. Sharing with others and learning different personalities and perspectives is one of the reasons that I choose companionship as my work. I enjoy spending time with people, and I am lucky enough to meet people who are well educated, have done well for themselves and have the time to enjoy some of the better things that life has to offer. They have diverse interests and I enjoy hearing about their lives, stories and engaging with them.

How Popular Are Companion Requests?

I would say fairly frequent! I love all the experiences that companionship opens up for me – I’ve traveled to places I wouldn’t have visited otherwise, I’ve gone hiking and trekking and fishing, and engaged in fantastic experiences. Frankly, even when back to the tried and true places, it’s the fact that I am with new people that makes those places new to me.

I think the one thing I would say I love the most is that it allows me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that are not part of other people’s daily average life. I feel honored, humbled and truly excited by my experiences and it keeps me engaged more wholly.

Advantages Of Engaging A Companion

I would say if you are looking for an elevated, professional experience when it comes to sharing time with another person, you should engage a companion. Companions are punctual, well groomed, experienced, detail oriented, fun and outgoing people who love to get to know you! The time that you have together is yours and you can shape and curate that in any way you like. They are looking to craft experiences with you and share in your interests.

I often see sides to my clients that their friends, family and business partners do not see. I can see who they are honestly, and sometimes, who they would like to be! It comes across in their communication and requests. I had one client who wanted to go for a hike with me since they missed doing that with their grown children. It was a teaching moment for them, and since I had never hiked before, it was a bonding experience for the both of us, and a wonderful learning experience for me. I had so much fun on that hike, learning from a professional and appreciating the time spent engaging in something that brings so much joy to another person.

What You Should Know Before Engaging A Companion

I think, like with everything else in life, doing your research and seeing who’s out there that matches you is the best way in which to make sure you’re with the right person. Learn about their personalities from Twitter and their website and understand that they have their own boundaries, as do all people. Communication with them is key to make sure you’re both on the same page.

Do’s & Don’ts To Follow When Engaging A Companion

I think a number of problem areas are caused when expectations on both sides are not complied with, or there is a lack of professionalism from either party.

If people thought about engaging a companion like it was looking for a business partner with whom they would like to engage socially, a lot of questions get resolved. Companions are business people, and there is process and streamlining in place in order to ensure our safety, as well as the safety of our clients.

I think clients also need to think about the reasons that they are reaching out to a companion. It is not just hooking up or ‘hanging out’, there are tons of dating sites for that. You’re looking for someone professional, well maintained, who will have respect for your time and your requests. If this is the case, acting unprofessionally will not get you the response that you seek from a companion.

My simple tips are

  • Always respect the companions protocol, as they would respect your requests
  • Please be professional with all administrative dealings
  • Please read the website and feel free to ask questions, we will not bite you, (unless you request it!) but asking for anything above and beyond is at the discretion of the companion, much as you would expect from a business partner!

Indiya Summer – An elite companion based in NYC. She loves travel, warm weather and meeting new people!

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Indiya Summer

Indiya Summer is an elite companion based in NYC. She loves travel, warm weather and meeting new people!


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