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What To Know About Ballbusting


What To Know About Ballbusting

I am very kink and sex positive. I believe in safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) play and think kink is a great escape from “vanilla” life. Building D/s relationships or just playing with subs is so rewarding. Be safe and smart, but have even more fun.

What Is Ball Busting?

Ballbusting is the act of kicking and beating a person in their balls/testicles. I am inherently sadistic; I love causing pain (to consenting people). I will say it’s a lot of fun to see a client become aroused solely from ballbusting. There’s also an intimate aspect to it, because someone is trusting you entirely to safely cause them pain. Establishing that power exchange, bond, and trust is satisfying.

Reasons Subs Love It

There is either an element of being aroused by pain or curiosity to experience ball busting.

Some submissives crave relinquishing autonomy to please and serve their Dominant. I’ve had someone ask to be kicked in the balls solely because they knew how much I love it.

There are solely masochists who just enjoy the intense pain brought from ballbusting. Some are just plain curious and would prefer to hire a professional for discretion, safety, fantasy, etc.

Misconceptions About Ball Busting

I think some people think that Dommes literally want to bust open a client’s testicles and sometimes the skin. I have heard some horror stories, but that’s atypical. Ballbusting is a really great power exchange for sadomasochistic sessions.

Some may think of ball busting as “just” kicking someone in the balls, but there is an art to it in my opinion. I am tactical with my moves. Also, ballbusting can be accomplished with punches, slapping, and kneeing as well – it is not limited to kicking.

What Happens In A Ball Busting Sessions

Before we begin, we decide on using either a safe word or stop light colors to check in on pain level. We’ll discuss experience level and if limits want to be pushed. After answering any questions, we begin our session. Typically, I alternate between kicking, punching, slapping, and kneeing so there’s variation in sensation. I personally prefer kicking as I get to use my full body for momentum and power.

Safety Precautions To Take Note

I believe it is important to be cautious when causing another person pain. I begin with softer blows to gauge their pain tolerance and my force. I monitor their physical reactions closely and adjust strength as needed. Changing up the intensity sometimes helps and is a bit fun, too.

I also just love hearing “Harder, Goddess”. Depending on the ballbustee’s experience level and desired experience, I may take breaks every 10-20 minutes or so to allow for a quick breather. Respect physical limits/safe word and communicate so the session is pleasurable and memorable. The goal is to have fun, after all.

Chloe Mason – A professional Dominatrix and published fetish model based in Austin, Texas. She has a BA in Psychology and trains krav maga. Chloe is playful in her sessions but loves satiating her sadistic cravings and specializes in ball busting. Outside of kink, she enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and dancing ballet.

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Chloe Manson

I am a professional Dominatrix and fetish content producer based in Austin, Texas. A more sadistic Domme, I specialize in impact and ballbusting. When I’m not satiating my sadism, I’m quite playful or sensual. I also have a strong money fetish and adore financial domination. Outside of kink I enjoy traveling, spa days, dancing and watching ballet, and eating at the best vegan restaurants.


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