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The 10 Hottest Adult Sex Games

Sex Ed

The 10 Hottest Adult Sex Games

It’s getting more and more difficult to come up with a list for the 10 hottest adult sex games on the internet. These are just getting better all of the time. Just take a game like Pink Bunny.The creators have managed to stuff more sex into one game than you could ever need to have fun at the end of the day. If you enjoy stories, then there are games like Galactic Monster Quest. This one lets you travel the universe and bang as may alien species as you want. In fact, you an even watch other aliens bang the day away. Still, here are the best of the best when it comes to gaming with your dick in mind.

Strip Poker with Aleska

No one gets angry with hot Russian chick who take off their clothes. It’s what you strive to see every single day. This game give you exactly that, as long as you can beat her hand.


Do you love Pokemon? Of course your do. Do you love fucking? Hell yeah! Why not put them together? The levels of sex here are on par with Pink Bunny.

Sophie’s Desires

Game play and sex are perfectly balanced here. The women are hot. They’re never above a little lesbian play. If you want to explore and play an actual story like Galactic Monster Quest this is where you need to be.

Gotham City Sluts

Travel to Gotham city and get yourself surrounded by sluts. Will they fuck you raw or make you watch them fuck each other? You’ll have to play to find out.

Anal Sakaki

It doesn’t get much more hardcore than this one. You can see it all here. The better your skills, the sloppier the action. It’s amazing.

Fuck the Plumber

We’ve all wanted to be that guy at some point. You show up at some woman’s house to do a job. The problem is that she can’t pay you with money. What’s a girl to do?

The General’s Daughter

Take control of your boss’s daughter. Teach her the ways of the world with your dick. It doesn’t matter if he has to yell at you at some point. You’ve fucked his daughter.


Hot anime girls are in trouble. They need to get their brains fucked out. Can you help them? Embark on your journey and don’t be afraid. Only you have the junk they need.

Pink Bunny

There’s just something about Pink Bunny that’s amazing. You get to see sex scene after sex scene and you never get bored of it. This girl is in cosplay and ready for action She’ll take every opportunity she has to take your dick and that’s no lie.

Galactic Monster Quest

The storyline and exploration of Galactic Monster Quest are just amazing. It isn’t often that you can play on online sex game and feel like you’re playing a triple A title. This game is perfect for people who love to play and people who love to fuck. It’s that simple.

The List

It should be noted that these games are in no particular order. They’re simply the best adult sex games around. The actual ranking is up to you. You should play all of them. Figure out which ones work best for you. You’ll never be disappointed in your gaming experience. Sit back and enjoy the journey. Hone your skills and try to beat each one. You’ll never want to stop playing any of them. There’s way too much fun out there to be had. Don’t let a single game pass you by.

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