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How To Be Your Escort’s No 1 Favourite Client

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How To Be Your Escort’s No 1 Favourite Client

Adult services brings unique individuals together, whatever their preferences. It can be perfect for modern gentlemen and ladies who know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

So, whatever your heart desires if you’re in search of a fabulously sensual experience it helps to learn the right etiquette when connecting with an escort.

If you want to be a great client and who doesn’t, understanding what to do and what not to do are fundamental to the ultimate service experience. Take the time to discover what makes a great client!

Step 1. Do Your Due Diligence

Wherever you happen to discover your escort, research him or her. Does he or she have a website? How long has your escort been listed? Similarly, expect your preferred escort to prefer to screen you for their own safety. Take a breath, be respectful and provide whatever information is required to seal the deal.

Step 2. Time Is Money

Try to be punctual. Telephone if you look like being more than 10 minutes late. Unless you provide your escort with advance notice of a time change, you can expect to pay for any time you missed. If your one-hour appointment was meant to start at 8:00pm and you arrived at 8:15, you still need to leave at 9:00pm.

Respect your escort’s time. Don’t linger. Like the rest of us working stiffs, he or she is probably on a schedule. If you would like more time, ask. If the answer is “Yes” expect to pay for it at the previously agreed rate.

Step 3. Check The Menu

Always understand what services are available in advance and what the rates are. Do not deviate from it or expect something for nothing. Familiarise yourself with escort code. Expect to encounter abbreviations like, CIM, CIF Greek, GFE or PSE. As always, Google is your friend and be sure to check beforehand.

Step 4. Don’t Do Dumb Things

Never ever, ever discuss money, sexual acts or preferences in person. This is for your own safety! If it is a sting, the boys and girls in blue will attempt to coerce you to say out loud precisely what you are there for. This is why online ads, email and messaging services exist! When in doubt, suggest your escort get more comfortable. If they comply, it’s a go!

Step 5. Money Before Pleasure!

You’re not buying a car here, there’s no such thing as trying before you buy. The money thing happens first, always! Never refer directly to it. If you have to, call it a gift. Similarly, never hand the money directly to your escort. Place it somewhere they can see it, or wherever you agreed to beforehand.

Step 6. Class Shows

Show some class, treat your escorts nicely and be respectful. Your escort is a real person. You shouldn’t feel intimidated and nor should you feel superior.

Step 7. Its Not The Sexual Olympics

There’s no expectation you will be a god in the bedroom. Your escort is there to please you. Don’t hold back because you want to last for your escort. This can end in tears. There is no pressure to perform.

Step 8. It’s OK To Just Leave

Your escort is unlikely to be offended if you need to leave right afterwards. Time is money after all. If you need to get back to the office, or cuddling or idle conversation isn’t your thing, that’s OK too.

Step 9. Always Tip

We live in a service economy, so always tip unless they were crap. Tipping signals your escort that you liked them and you appreciate their time and skills. This is particularly crucial if you wish to see the same escort again. Also, if you went for a twofer, tip extra lavishly!

Step 10. Offer A Review

Afterwards, check with your escort of they would like to be reviewed. If yes, keep it simple, you’re not writing an essay and don’t fake it.

Step 11. The Shower Is Also Your Friend

Cleanliness not only gets you laid, it gets you welcomed back. Make sure you are clean! Deodorant was invented for a reason unless you really want to be the “Smegma-Guy.”

Bonus Point

Bring a gift or wine.

Double Bonus Points

Buy your escort drinks or dinner first but remember you are on the clock!

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