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How To Make A Sex Tape With Your Partner

Sex Ed

How To Make A Sex Tape With Your Partner

I love sex. I started masturbating before I even knew what it was. The first time I was fingered by a boy at 19, I got wet for hours after just by thinking about it. I had my first sexual encounter with another person a little late in my life, before that, I was always happy with masturbation. I still really enjoy my “alone” time but I have come to find that sharing the sexiness is so much better. The more the merrier! That goes for anything from sex, to friends, and even kinks.

How My Interest In Camming Started

I started camming and made my first ever video in 2015. I had just quit my office job because it became apparent my (female) boss was having second thoughts about a couple of threesomes we had with my boyfriend earlier that year. My boyfriend and I had plenty of kinks and one of them had always been a threesome, watching my partner fuck another girl is so hot to me, but so is being watched.

So we took a break from other girls and we decided to try the exhibition kink which I hadn’t gotten a chance to explore yet. So after finding cam girls under the exhibition tag on Tumblr, I brought cam sites up to my boyfriend. He was very supportive of what I wanted to try next and after verification on Chaturbate, he let me suck his cock for the first time for everyone to see from my tiny 720p camera. After he came on me, I was surprised to see tips on my screen, I just wanted to feel cute and dirty, but seeing others enjoy it made me giddy.

I recorded a video right away after my first show. I rode my boyfriend on the couch and put it for sale right away, no editing, just raw footage. I loved how camming made me feel, giving me something to do with a ton of kinky people whom it could never get awkward with. After that, it became a weekly thing with better themed videos coming out regularly for the friends I made along the way.

Why Making Videos Appeal To Me

I like watching my partner get enjoyment. That’s always my main goal, with videos I can watch the pleasure on their face even after we are done. I get to see what really got a reaction out of them and try those things again next time. My favorite thing thus far has been watching my own body and the confidence I receive from seeing what others see when they fuck me. I can try on outfits and be a different sexy version of myself. Letting me attempt other kinks that ultimately led me to find some of the things I love now.

Tips For Beginners To Start Off

You don’t have to be totally in love with your body jumping into this because you will definitely end up loving yourself in the end. If you like to have sex and have a camera, do it! I didn’t even have a good camera, I upgraded within a month from my 720p camera to a 1080p, then a year later to a 4k quality one.

Share yourself and people will accept you, that’s the great thing about camming and videos, there’s something for everyone. Even the things that make you go “ewwww”, believe me, somewhere out there, someone is sharing it with people who appreciate them.

Ways To Kink Up Sex On Cam Further

Oh of course! A ton! It differs from person to person on what they might like to do or what they consider sexual. I love spanks, and getting blindfolded while the feeling of fingers, a crop, or even a feather is ran on my body.  Not every cam show or video of mine ends with a cum or sex at the end. I have work out videos, making out videos, spanks with clothes on, and so much more. Get creative and find a niche you like, you can only grow from there.

Ally Jace – I am a 24 year old student from Texas, taking a year off from school to discover her kinks. It started off with camming and now I’m here! Get to know me on my social media! See me live on cam! Spoil me and make me feel like a princess and I’ll make you feel like my only king!

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