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Why You Need An Escort Management Software To Run An Escort Agency

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Why You Need An Escort Management Software To Run An Escort Agency

Businesses use different software to accomplish different tasks. More often than not, software solutions are used to manage and monitor inventory levels, automate several complex tasks, fulfil accounting, invoicing and billing responsibilities, etc. In simple words, software solutions help businesses grow.

The importance of software in any industry / niche cannot be discounted. Global sex industry is no different. This industry is crowded with escort agencies, brothels, sex workers, pimps, etc. In UK and the US, the economics of sex is beyond the comprehension of industry experts.

Truth be told, software can do precious little to control brothels, sex workers and pimps. However, when it comes to driving the business of an escort agency, an escort management software can do wonders!

#1: It lets you build an escort site

Just glance through popular discussion forums like Reddit. The most frequently asked questions are – how to start an escort agency, how to become an escort in UK, etc.

Let me throw some light on how to start an escort business.

There are two steps:

  • Have a digital presence
  • Have a robust business model

The first and foremost step is to have a digital presence. In other words, an escort website is mandatory.

To create an escort website, you require an escort management software.

Of course, you can hire a web developer, a tester and an API developer from freelancing marketplaces. An experienced programmer charges you nothing less than $25 USD per hour. Smart entrepreneurs know that this age old method of hiring programmers and testers is not financially feasible.

The next step is to have a robust business model.

Read on.

#2: It powers your business model

Very often, I’m asked this question – How do escort services work?

Allow me to explain how an escort agency works in the 21st century.

Step #1: Clients register themselves on the agency website, pay a subscription fee to unlock exclusive features and check the availability status of their favorite models. More often than not, payment gateways like CCBill are used to facilitate internet transactions.

Clients send not more than a couple of messages to escorts to conclude the booking process. This is accomplished through an internal messaging feature.

Step #2: Models get paid to work as escorts. They register on the escort site. They pay a fee to get their respective profiles featured. They respond to the messages of clients i.e., either accept or reject the booking(s).

Step #3: The escort site owner makes money when users book escorts i.e., a portion of users’ money is credited into his account. And yes, he makes money when escorts pay a monthly recurring subscription fee to get featured on his escort website.

Admin / Owner can also make money by featuring banner ads. He can sell adult merchandize – like used panties and lingerie of escorts, sex toys, etc.

In essence, an escort management software powers the business model of escort agencies by virtue of cutting-edge monetization channels.

#3: It helps you overhaul every activity

No activity is too insignificant to be ignored. Right from assisting you in banning haughty users to monitoring the transaction status of clients, a feature-rich escort management software will help you overhaul every activity of business management.

As an admin, you get complete access to source code. You can view and analyze user subscriptions. You can manage escort feature listings. There’s an admin dashboard that facilitates business management. You can set a commission fee for agency bookings. You are all powerful!

#4: It allows you to scale your business

An escort management software helps you build websites that are horizontally salable. As a matter of fact, horizontally scalable websites can handle insane volumes of web traffic and internet activity.

To tap clients from other countries, you can use a GEO based currency converter module. This module shows currencies based on the client’s country.

And yes, cutting edge escort management scripts use Google translate API to extend multi-language support.

#5: It enhances customer experience

Customers love to search escorts by distance, filter profiles by categories, etc.

First timers usually love to read reviews and of different escorts. Clients like to rate escorts based on their experience. They like to share their experience.

Your escort website should take customer experience to the best possible level.

A vast majority of websites are mobile-responsive. Your escort agency website should be no exception. Modern day escort agency scripts let you build mobile-responsive websites that look pixel perfect on every screen.

Now that you know how to start an escort service and why you require an escort management software, let me summarize the list of must-have features that an escort agency software should have.

  1. Free installation
  2. Free and easy set-up
  3. Free lifetime support
  4. Free lifetime upgrades
  5. Mobile app support
  6. Brand building features to customize every aspect of site template, incorporate logos, etc.
  7. Booking panel to control, monitor and accelerate bookings
  8. Customer experience enhancers like filters, reviews, coupon code generators
  9. Payment gateway
  10. Horizontally scalable site architecture

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