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How To Give A Perfect Nuru Massage

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How To Give A Perfect Nuru Massage

Why nuru massage is an excellent way to improve your sexual relationship

If you have been in a sexual relationship for a while and you feel your sex life with your partner is getting a little bit routine, and possibly boring, then nuru massage could be the perfect antidote.

I have personally introduced nuru massage to so many people. When they experience it for the first time they just want to try it again and again.

So what is nuru massage?

A nuru massage is essentially an erotic body to body massage. The difference between a regular body to body massage and nuru is the nuru gel.

Authentic nuru gel is made from from nori seaweed, which is a type of seaweed mainly found off the shores of Japan.

There is no real industrial uses for this gel. What makes this substance so special, for erotic massage in particular, is the fact that it is extremely slippery – and I mean extremely slippery.

The gel is packed full of nutrients which is also good for your skin. Make sure you get the organic gel and not some cheap petrol based substitute.

So why have a nuru massage?

Because it is fun, extremely erotic, and a great way to spend an hour or two. It is also light – we are not talking about introducing hardcore bdsm or anything like that into your relationship. Nuru massage is about getting hot, close and intimate. It is a great way to explore each other.

The Tools and Equipment You Will Need

To get started you will need the following…

  • Nuru Gel
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Plastic Blow Up Mattress or plastic sheet to cover the bed.

All these items can be bought online.

The nuru gel is mixed with water in a bowl and can then be applied to both you and your partner’s naked body. You can rub and grind against each other for maximum pleasure.

Quick tip:

Make sure the room is at a nice warm temperature. Not too hot but just the right temperature so you can feel relaxed and get into the vibe.


There are certain techniques, positions and movements used during a nuru massage. If you can master some of these moves your partner will love you for it. Here’s 3 that are very popular…

Scissor Slide –

This is where you use your legs like a pair of scissors and slide into your partner’s groin area.

Full Body Glide –

This technique is about gliding right across your partners body from toe to head.

Pussy backrub move –

Where the woman can kneel over the man and rub her pussy across the man’s back. Feels very nice for both.

There are many videos online which will show you a full range of moves than you can try.


Nuru massage is a great deal of fun.

At Nuru Stars, we have been giving both men and women nuru massages for many years now. The delight and joy people have when they experience this erotic massage is wonderful to see.

I want to see more couples introducing this therapy into their love lifes, as I know they will enjoy it.

So start off with a sensual shower together and then once you are nice and clean move over to the blow up mattress or bed.

Starting spreading that gel erotically all over each others body and let the good times roll.

Emma is a erotic massage therapist at Nuru Stars – which is one of London’s most popular providers for slippery nuru massage. You can follow Emma on Twitter @nuru_stars

Featured image courtesy of Emma and Nuru Stars

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Emma is a erotic massage therapist at Nuru Stars - which is one of London’s most popular providers for slippery nuru massage. You can follow Emma on Twitter @nuru_stars


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