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How To Give A Hands-free Massage And Meeting Pleasure

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How To Give A Hands-free Massage And Meeting Pleasure

When we do something for a long period, it becomes something like a habit. Very often, those habits that we have will eventually lead us to the inevitable lack of joy. That’s why all of us need something new in our lives. We need some excitement now and then, new experiences, new people, and exploration.

This is something that directly applies to our relationships. If you are with your significant other for more than 2 years, things start to get a little boring. Some things that you considered interesting at the start of your relationship become pretty normal later. So yes, everything that we do for quite some time kind of grows on us and definitely doesn’t have the same aura to it as the unknown does.

A serious problem that guys are afraid of may occur ‑ erectile dysfunction, or short ED. ED is a killer. It kills your mood, probably your relationship and it definitely kills your mental health. You can do exercises for erectile dysfunction daily, or try something new and sexy as hell which this article will show you!

What’s a very important feature of a relationship? Among other things, it is sex. Sex is kind of like glue. It can either save or destroy your relationship. That’s the usual method for adding thrill and excitement to your relationship. When sex becomes a routine, things go south. It can go south to that extent that it may not only ruin your relationship, but your health as well.

This is only one way of refreshing your sex life, and with that, your relationship. The “not so secret” technique that this article will show you is made for both of you. Both of you will experience pleasure like never before. However, there could be more benefits on the guy’s side of the table as this massage technique could easily fall into the category of ‑ penis enlargement exercises.

What Is The Nuru Massage and How Can You Perform It

This massage is so good; even its name sounds sexy and attractive. The Nuru massage originates from Japan. It represents a new way of massaging, massaging for pleasure. Just putting your bodies together creates strong chemical reactions in both of you. Now imaging putting your bodies together covered in a slippery gel, wearing nothing but swimsuits or nothing at all.

That is literally what Nuru massage is. “Nuru Nuru” means ‑ slippery ‑ on Japanese. Just from knowing that you might get the bigger picture about it. The Nuru massage can help with erectile dysfunction disorder, so if you are looking for a solution for that problem, Nuru may be the answer. Besides from the Nuru massage, you might find Virectin effective. You can check Virectin reviews online.

So how does it look like and how does it work?

Well, both of should get naked or put your swimsuits on. Of course, having a lotion or gel is an absolute MUST when it comes to this hands-free massage. That’s the essence of it, sliding one on another. If you take that aspect of you won’t get the effect you were hoping for, plus it will hurt because your skin isn’t moisture enough.

There are special lotions and gels for Nuru massages. The best thing to use is probably the “Nuru gel” made by Mr. Nori, called Magic Gel. There will be more word about it later in the article.

So, after making sure you have covered every centimeter of your partner’s body with this gel, and vice versa, you can proceed to the main event. This should be performed on a surface that is also slippery, something like a canvas.

It is recommended and good to take your time while you are pouring the gel onto your partner’s body. This has the same effect as foreplay. Gently but firmly massage your partner’s entire body and pay more attention while you are going through his sensitive areas.

Now that you are both covered in gel and fired up, pick a position and lay one on another. A good position to start would be the missionary (girl on the floor ‑ guy on top of her). While you are in this position simply let your body speak, let it free. Slide on your partner’s body gently, make him feel your every muscle.

Both women and men should be open-minded about this and let their significant others behave naturally to their bodies. Letting a man slide up and down between your breasts is extremely satisfying for both of you. Ladies’ main focus should be their man’s penis area, as men are most sensitive there. Men’s main focus should be to do their massage with finesse, and the right amount of pressure as that would make women’s clitoris engorge.

All of us know how good hugs feel, especially naked ones. Imagine how this would feel. Your whole bodies slippery, you and your partner sliding and massaging each other using just your bodies. No friction what so ever, just pure emotion and pure power of the touch. You would literally feel your partner’s entire body.

This type of massage is an excellent stress relief and a perfect muscle tension relief.

Also, a pretty important thing that you shouldn’t forget while you are enjoying your Nuru massage ‑ BE CREATIVE. Like I’ve said, let your body loose, let your partner loose. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit on one another.

Spending the whole massage period in one pose would be a complete waste of time, plus it won’t be as good as something else. I mean, for the first time even that one, regular pose would be sufficient, however, later on, it won’t be as satisfying.

Change poses, just like in sex, figure out what you both love and slip and slide. Simply play with each other and enjoy your bodies. That’s the freedom that the Nuru massage is offering you.

The Nuru Magic Gel ‑ What is it?

Like I have already said, to even consider doing a Nuru massage, you must have the right equipment. The first thing that you need to acquire to perform it is the gel.

The Nuru Magic Gel is currently one of the most popular ones. You don’t have to worry about how your skin will react to it because it made out of natural ingredients. Most of the gel is water based.

The Nuru gel doesn’t leave stains, and doesn’t have a specific taste or smell, meaning that it’s absolute perfection.

The gel contains chamomile, grapeseed extracts, nori seaweed. So, it’s made in the U.S and completely natural to use.

The formula itself is pretty dense so you must use water to make it usable. Simply pour your gel into a cup and then add water until you get the nice, slippery mixture. After you have done that it is ready for usage.

Where can you do the Nuru Massage?

Now we come to the second part of requirements. Besides from the gel, what you absolutely need is a good, clean, slippery surface where both of you would be able to lay on. Like I have already said, you need something like a canvas. Here are some ideas.

Best thing to use is definitely Liberator sex furniture. It has the perfect characteristics for this. Besides from that, air mattresses can work and any type of waterproof sheet.

Enjoy Your Nuru Massage

The informational part of this article has come to an end. Now you go out, get what you need, and surprise your partner. You can make your relationship spicy and fun again by making your sex interesting and new again.

The Nuru massage is ideal for that. You can get rid of the awful tension you experience in your muscles and enjoy wonderful body massages with you loved one full with mutual orgasms.

So, there is nothing to be afraid of here as Nuru can bring you only good. Literally! I haven’t been able to find anything wrong with this type of massages. It is erotic, pleasant and healthy at the same time!

At the end of this article, I cannot avoid mentioning all of the positive effects that this hands-free massage can have on you and your partner.

  • Better sex life
  • Improving your relationship
  • Relieving from muscle tension
  • Good for battling anxiety
  • A good way of battling erectile dysfunction
  • Extremely fun


So there you go. If this article doesn’t convince you to start doing Nuru massages regularly, I honestly don’t know what will.

Share the information about Nuru massage to people you know, share it on the internet, because, as you have already seen, Nuru massage isn’t only used as foreplay, but as a good therapy treatment for couples!

This massage is one of the best out there. It’s a shame you can’t just pay for it like you would for the regular ones.

Will O’Conner – He has been a Sexual Health & Fitness Advisor for Consumer Health Digest. He loves to write about General Health & Fitness topics. Will also believes in providing knowledgeable information to readers and constantly motivates them to achieve their goals. He is also passionate about traveling, arts and discovers and writes for people. Connect through: Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.

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Will O'Conner

Will has been a Sexual Health & Fitness Advisor for Consumer Health Digest. He loves to write about General Health & Fitness topics. Will also believes in providing knowledgeable information to readers and constantly motivates them to achieve their goals. He is also passionate about traveling, arts and discovers and writes for people. Connect through: Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.


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