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4 Reasons Holiday Sex Is The Greatest

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4 Reasons Holiday Sex Is The Greatest

Sex on the beach is so famous there’s even a cocktail named after it.  When you mention going on holiday there are always those little looks and chuckles – we know what you will be doing, people will say.  And it is true, sex on holiday is great.  But why?

1.      Less stress

Top of any list of reasons why sex on holiday is the greatest is simple – you have less stress on holiday that you do during your normal life.  There’s no worries about getting up early for work, no concerns about staying up late, no issues around the kids running in at the wrong moment.  Life is generally stress-free when you are on holiday and this is the whole point of a vacation.

This translates to your sex life as well.  We often find that inhibitions come from stress.  You don’t want to have sex before bed because you are tired and need to get up early for work.  Or you are stressed that the kids hear you and ask embarrassing questions you aren’t ready to answer.  You don’t have time for morning sex because you have to get ready for work and get the kids to school.  This all leads to an increase in sex drive and willingness to try something different as well.

2.     You aren’t at home

It may sound crazy but how many times have you declined to try the whole whipped cream thing because we are aware of the mess that you will need to clean up afterwards?  Well, when you are on holiday, this concern vanishes.  You can try any of those fun things you have seen in magazines and you don’t have to worry about the mess afterwards.

Another thing you don’t need to worry about because you aren’t at home is the noise you make.  At home, there’s the worry the window is open and someone walking down the street hears you.  Or the walls are a bit thin and the neighbours give you a knowing look the next morning.  On holiday, these concerns evaporate.

3.      Plenty of time

On holiday without all those commitments, there’s plenty of time to enjoy sex and something, not a lot else to do.  Remember when you had that First Date and then started seeing each other more often and all you wanted to do was jump into bed together?  Well, this can be a lot like that – there’s plenty of time, no other distractions and you can prioritise your sex life in front of other stuff.

It can also be a great time to try something different.  Maybe you always wanted to have a go with certain sex toys.  Or fancied trying some of that bondage stuff you read about in certain books.  This is the perfect time to try it because you have the time to experience, have fun and then relax afterwards.

4.     Everything seems to say ‘sex’

There’s this big bed that is soft and welcoming and a very luscious carpet on the floor.  A big sofa and some interesting shaped seats.  Everything about a hotel room seems to say ‘sex’ and ‘please try this out’ to you so why not go with it and do what the room seems to be urging you to do?  Have fun, trying something different and make the holiday memorable for a host of different reasons.

Sex on the beach?

One final thing about holiday sex – do you try sex on the beach?  There’s a couple of things to consider.  Firstly, are you going to get in trouble if you get caught?  Some places have a relaxed attitude to these things where others are a lot stricter and if you might end up in prison for a little beach fun, it isn’t worth it.  but if you can find somewhere secluded and you won’t get into trouble, then why not?

And lastly, take a towel!  If you want to try it, make sure that sand in all the wrong places doesn’t spoil the fun.  No matter what position you take, sand is not a fun thing so take a couple of towels to increase the enjoyment and keep the beach where it is meant to be – underneath you!

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