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What You Should Know About 420 Intox


What You Should Know About 420 Intox

I thoroughly believe that kink/alternative lifestyle gives you a sort of freedom to express yourself like nothing else. There’s no judgement passed by anyone, unless of course someone is being hurtful/discriminating. Other than that, we’re all here for the same exact reason, to interact and connect with others just like ourselves. Being a part of this lifestyle gives you a lot of opportunities to form new friendships and relationships, and explore your own interests and passions comfortably.

What is 420 Intox?

420 intox/herbal intoxication is the act of consensually “forcing” the submissive to consume cannabis for the dominant’s amusement. The sub’s mind becomes even more intoxicated by my power, allowing them to go into a dream-like/relaxing state. I’ve noticed personally that it’s much easier for the sub to focus all of their energy solely on me, and to leave their normal thoughts, perception, and “normal” lifestyle behind.

All of their fears and stress points are nowhere to be found. The submissive caves in so easily, and appears more serene in the process. It came about naturally, I suppose. I’m already a heavy marijuana consumer, so when it came down to sex and kink, integrating weed was a given. It was just something I was already used to.

How Cannabis Is Integrated To Kink

Cannabis is integrated into kink in many different ways; whether it be a certain 420 fetish, or just using cannabis infused lubricant. Cannabis and kink can be wonderful experiences on their own; but combining the two, that’s when the magic happens.

How It Adds To The Experience

It’s all about having fun, and being yourself. I feel consuming cannabis before any sexual experience can give you so many wonderful emotions and accessibility to push your limits in a more comfortable way; for both parties (domme/sub). Euphoria and thrill rushes through your veins, leading to an incredible, more heightened climax. It can be a powerful and memorable experience.

Safety Precautions To Take Note Of When Intoxicated

While high/intoxicated, senses are much more amplified.  Desire is increased, emotions are enhanced, and pain receptors can become a lot more sensitive; this can be a good and bad thing. A common symptom during sexual activity while being high/intoxicated is vaginal dryness; lubricant is your best friend!

Also, everybody has a tolerance. A normal amount to me can be a large amount to the sub. Sometimes they’ll feel intimidated by me, try to keep up with my consumption, and end up having a bad time. Neither of us want that! The key is communication. We’ll create a safe word they can say to hint that they’ve reached their limit; and that same rule should also apply to any sexual activity you’re about to partake in.

Emery Dalliance – Financial Dominatrix and Clip Producer. Her expertise’s are; Financial Domination, Female Domination, Forced Intox (cannabis/alcohol) and Tease and Denial. She resides in Southern California.

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Emery Dalliance

Emery Dalliance is a Financial Dominatrix and Clip Producer. Her expertise’s are; Financial Domination, Female Domination, Forced Intox (cannabis/alcohol) and Tease and Denial. She resides in Southern California.


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