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Daddy Daughter Fetishes With Vera Bliss


Daddy Daughter Fetishes With Vera Bliss

I started getting into the kink/alternative lifestyle when I turned 15.

I had a boyfriend whose parents owned a bondage club and so he would practice all the time tying me up with different knots, then I started to be promiscuous and have sex with all of his friends. I have also always been into girls since I was a little girl.

I started selling my used wet panties off of Craigslist for $100 a pair and then I started to get into camming and Skype shows.

I have always liked watching daddy daughter porn and it developed into a fun fetish roleplay for me!

How My Daddy Daughter Fetish Came About

I developed it after my dad passed away, nothing to do with him personally, just that it made me feel better to have a daddy and act it out in sex.

Daddy Daughter Fetish Characteristics

Characteristics include calling the guy daddy and him calling me princess (not babe).

Also, listening to daddys’ every command because little girls must obey their daddy. Daddy’s must spoil and love their little princess also. I satisfy them by doing all of those characteristics listed.

Tips For Beginners To Try

If you are unsure how to start trying this fetish, just start with calling the man you choose “daddy” and see how he responds!

Vera Bliss – I am new pornstar Vera Bliss and I have only done 7 shoots so far. I am bisexual and open to all fetishes!

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I also sell my used wet panties!

Images courtesy of Vera Bliss

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Vera Bliss

I am new pornstar Vera Bliss I have only done 7 shoots so far. I am bisexual and open to all fetishes!


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