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Goddess Worship & Fetishes


Goddess Worship & Fetishes

My personal views towards kink and alternative lifestyles. I’m a strong believer that we’re all very sexual desired creatures. We all get cravings and strong desires for what we truly enjoy sexually no matter what those may be. Thankfully, we are all different if we weren’t well.. That would be a huge yawn fest am I right or what!? Some are even afraid to share these with their partners due to simply being afraid of being judged or shunned. In my opinion I would say, take a chance on them but that’s ultimately your choice after all. Some partners are not going to be into what you are but they should still understand.

Also some may allow you to just go online to help with these desires instead of fulfilling themselves or you actually seeking them out via cheating. (This can all backfire your partner may not be supportive either so as I said it’s your choice and rather a mere suggestion.) With that being said, I’m fairly open minded an honest with my partners and online clients. I do not judge others because they may enjoy something I may not. I will simply let them know it’s not my thing if that is the case. This is why I enjoying doing what I do. Since I’m into so many different things to keep from boredom. It’s your life so live it how you please and do what makes you happy at the end of the day.

How My Fetish Interest Began

I began my online modeling around the beginning of 2015. I honestly had no idea that I was even a squirter till I got into working more. My first squirt I ever did is recorded since we were making a video when it happened. I have to admit I thought I had peed but my man kept playing. He told me after I had squirted.  I was like whoa no way!!  So for sure was now into learning this new talent I had now discovered.  I have come such a long way since I first started, without a doubt in my mind.

I started into fetish modeling almost right away and I started taking customs orders and doing live shows. I would just say I’ve never done that before and was willing to try it. When approached with something I was not familiar with, I would explain the same. So many were actually cool and understanding that I was always really into trying new things and learning. From doing that, I started to realize what I really enjoyed and was into quite a lot.

I also found out what I wasn’t into and simply would not do. There are only a few things that I won’t do or even try due to morals and being disgusting. I have had online and some brief offline fetish experiences now since I started. I am currently only available online and paid only, not free. Nothing in this world is free! Ahaha ain’t that the truth though 😉

Personal Fetish Favorites

Well there are lots of different fetishes out there . I enjoy and dabble in financial domination, sissyfication, cock and ball torture, humiliation, small penis humiliation, feet and body worship, panty/smell and lots more. I really love squirting the most though. There is just nothing like a squirting orgasm. I don’t think toys are a fetish but I just love toys and trying new ones.

Secondly I really love financial domination. What Goddess doesn’t though. I love being spoiled or taking what I deserve. Submit, Serve, Obey, Worship, Repeat! You know how to get a Goddess’s attention now, don’t you get sending 😉

Also really enjoy letting my inner bossy bitch out and laughing, giving humiliation or SPH as well as tasks.

Fourth would be sissyfication, love my little sissy whores in training. Have also been trying some size play (pussy stretching) here and there and have enjoyed that as well so far.

Obscure Fetishes I Haven’t Tried

Some obscure fetish’s I have heard about yet I haven’t done online or off. That I would be willing to try (not on myself of course) are urethral sounding, erotic electrostimulation, cuckolding, cane/caning, and collar/collaring.

Complementing Fetishes Into Sex

How do I complement the interest in fetishes into my sex life. Well see, I really do enjoy the domme aspects. I do have two alpha male partners that are well aware of what I like and enjoy sexually.  Both know of each other and what I do online. They both have even made some content with me as well. Go get some and drool over that. Yet I really just love to torment beta males so much, so come to Goddess! ;p

Ava Eve – Sexy curvy Canadian squirting Goddess. That you can find all over the Interwebs. Go check out my links, follow me and purchase! Email for serious inquiry’s only.

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Ava Eve

Sexy curvy Canadian squirting goddess. That you can find all over the Inter webs. Go check out my links follow purchase spoil! Email serious inquiry’s only.


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