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Misconceptions About Escorts

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Misconceptions About Escorts

Well, I can only speak for legal sex workers in brothels – but a common misconception is that the job is dirty and seedy. That only desperate people with no options become sex workers. As well as only freaks and creeps seek out the services of sex workers. Sex workers and their clients are typical, normal, everyday people you wouldn’t be able to pick out on a city street outside of the brothel. For individuals who enjoy sex and making personal connections, sex work is a fine way of earning a living. It’s safe, everyone is clean, and on a day-by-day basis it’s not much different from any other job. The customers themselves come from all backgrounds and all walks of life as well. Many sex workers are college educated, in loving stable relationships, have and care for families, and possess other qualities typical of any other place of work. With more opportunities for sexy good fun.

A misconception about legal brothels and sex workers is that the places are all super glamorous and only cater to the upper class and celebrities. While there are facilities and sex workers who do focus on that market, many are open to anyone seeking out the services and are warm, welcoming, accepting places to go. Majority of legal brothels and sex workers can work with most budget ranges so long as the requests are reasonable.

Another misconception about legal sex work in Nevada is that legal sex workers and brothels are available in Las Vegas and Reno, proper. In reality, it is not legal for there to be brothels operated in the counties those cities are in and prostitution across the board is illegal in those counties. Sex workers can accompany customers to those cities on outdates if the sex worker works at a brothel in a county that allows for that service, but legal sex workers are not available in those cities. Anything someone sees advertised as being physically located in those cities isn’t legal. Brothels in areas in counties that are very close to those cities will advertise their proximity as such but not being in those actual cities (and those brothels tend to offer ride services to and from established places in those cities for customers)

Preventing Misconceptions Of Escorts

More media outreach that isn’t just shameless business promotion. Penn & Teller did a Showtime series called “Bullshit!” (or “BS!” in some areas) and they did an episode on Prostitution. They discussed the illegal industry but also spent a lot of time discussing legal brothels and how they work – demystifying them and humanizing the workers while still being appealing to their target TV audience. Some sex workers use social media, websites, and blogs to showcase how truly normal they are and the work is, as well as make connections with other people.

Some shifts in societal and cultural views would have to happen as well. In talk in regards to Feminism, “sex workers” are still a divisive subject. Some feminist groups find sex work empowering and valid, others demeaning and dehumanizing. Sex in and of itself would have to become less of a taboo topic too. People are still hesitant to be open about their sexuality as well as sexual needs and desires, so talking about a profession that involves sex is difficult. When sex itself is seen as less dirty and taboo, more normal for adults to partake in, then sex work itself will be an easier topic to talk about and educate on and seen in a more positive light. We’ve come a long way in the last century, but there is still a lot of progress to be made!

Kitti Minx – A model, cosplayer, and adult performer who specialized in the niches of “Alternative”, “Geek Chic”, “Cosplay”, and “Fetish”.  She does photoshoots and a XXX video for a variety of companies as well as her own website. For one on one intimate experiences with fans she offers services as a legal luxury companion at the world famous Mustang Ranch in Reno, Nevada.

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Upcoming Events: Kitti Minx is available for appointment at the Mustang Ranch in Reno, Nevada. Check out her social media to see her schedule! Also through her social media she shares Live Streams, videos, articles, and other content.

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