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How To Be An Escorts Favorite Client

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How To Be An Escorts Favorite Client

I’ve been in this industry for 13 months, and it was the best decision I ever made. Like most, I had no idea the business existed. I simply assumed that my male colleagues had long lunch meetings.

The more time I spend in this business however, the more genius it seems. Both the client, and the escort gain from their arrangement. I get an opportunity to explore my sensuality, and am paid to have stimulating conversations, and try things I’ve always wanted to try anyway. My client, gets the opportunity to be unjudged, appreciated, and ravished.. then sneak back to his regular world.

Typical Clients I See

A huge misconception of men who see escorts, is that they’re seedy, unsafe, or crooked individuals. This is entirely the opposite. The mass majority of my clients are white collar, educated, even attractive gentlemen who treat me like gold. I see real estate agents, graphic design artists, doctors, senior finance professionals, and more.

Tips To Be My Favourite Client

Escorting, like any job, requires the worker to feel appreciated and valued in order to keep working. Many clients don’t realize the many hats we wear, and how much time, money, and emotional energy we spend making ourselves the perfect companion. It’s sometimes physically and emotionally exhausting.

My favourite clients, are the ones who get it. They treat me with respect and dignity, and show ample appreciation. That could mean basic things such as leaving on time, and investing a few minutes of our date on conversation.. to more extravagant things such as tipping or bringing a small gift.

I’ve had new clients show up, and dash to the shower without so much as a hello, then expect intimacy immediately after. Granted, that is the jyst of what a client is paying for, and I understand that. However, nothing makes you feel more like a blow up doll than obvious disinterest in you as a person.

Madison Winter – Consider me your approachable, yet classy girl next door. I love nothing more than sharing a meal or glass of red wine over stimulating conversation. Let’s unravel the layers of each other; I really love to take my time exploring… Cant wait to discover you.

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Madison Winter

Madison Winter, Canada's self-proclaimed 'girl next door' is a high-end companion who lives and works out of Toronto, ON. She's left a career in finance to become a provider, and now specializes in long engagements and relationship-based dates. In her spare time, she's usually collecting passport stamps, or at home with her two dogs jamming out to 80's rock.


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