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Public Sex & Flashing

Sex Ed

Public Sex & Flashing

What’s not to love about sex? Haha. I’ve loved sex for as long as I can remember. I actually didn’t start having sex until I was 17 but I was fooling around with girls for years before I discovered the penis and its magical powers! I’ve always lived by the idea that if it feels good, and you’re not hurting anyone, then do it. I live by this in everything I do whether it is enjoying a new partner or indulging in a big fat piece of chocolate cake.

One of my earliest memories around sex occurred when I was 13. My mom sat me down and asked me if I was a lesbian. At that time, I didn’t even know what being a lesbian was. I remember being embarrassed and not knowing what to say. Thinking back on it now, I laughed because I see why my mom thought I may have been gay. I was super affectionate with my friends and we often did things we thought our parents didn’t see like kissing and touching each other.  And not to mention the fact at 13 years old, I had zero interest in boys.

However, I lost my virginity at 17 and it was nothing like I imagined it would be like. It was fast and unsatisfying. When it was over, I kept thinking “that’s it?”. I didn’t have sex again until I was 19 and in college. And once I discovered how amazing sex was, I couldn’t stop doing it. I indulged in all my fantasies and had sex with all kinds of people from single guys and women, to couples, married men, a professor at my university, threesomes, and participated in voyeuristic sex where other people watched.

By the time I was 25, I was fully involved in the swinger lifestyle as a single female. I was the mystical, magical unicorn and I loved every minute of it. I traveled to go to events and hotel parties. I met lots of people who shared my love for sex and made lifelong friends who love me and love each other. It’s been a fantastically fun life.

So, my thoughts on sex….do it!


How My Interest In Public Sex Began

My interest in public sex began in my early 20s when I became part of the swinger lifestyle. My first lifestyle house party I attended was with a married couple I had met a few months earlier. They were a great couple and we enjoyed spending time together. They brought me to this party as their guest and told me to have fun.

When we arrived at the party, I saw this man standing across the room and there was an immediate attraction. I felt it and so did he, and it was intense. Without speaking or even exchanging names, we both walked toward each other. I stood in front of him staring into his eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me deeply. I melted. I had never felt such an intense desire to have sex with someone I had never met, and didn’t even know his name.

The party was arranged to make sex comfortable and easy. Everything we needed was at our feet from a bed to lay down in, to condoms in a bowl in every room. We began to undress and had passionate and intense sex for about an hour. The couple who brought me to the party watched the entire time while they kissed and touched each other. When we were finished, I noticed an entire room of people watching us. We must have put on quite a show because people were clapping and shouting for us to go longer.

For me, that moment was thrilling. I wasn’t embarrassed. In fact, I was proud. I stood up naked and took a bow. I was proud of myself and felt extremely happy. For the rest of the night I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I’ll never forget that night for the rest of my life. It changed me forever.


Naughtiest Place I Had Sex

That’s a tough one for me to answer, haha. I’ve had sex in lots of places I’m not supposed to, from giving a handjob in a library to fucking in a state park up against a tree. I think the most forbidden place has been at work.  I’ve been a working professional for 12 years and I’ve held some high ranking positions. When I was an operations and safety manager, I had sex at work often, and with multiple partners. Once I had sex on the hood of my Camaro at 3am in the parking lot of my job. It was thrilling and exciting because I knew I could get in trouble, and I also knew the security guards could see me on camera. Surprisingly, no one ever said a word about it although I knew they knew.

I’ve also had sex in my office while on corporate conference calls. Those times were the naughtiest because I had to pay attention and answer questions, but I was also getting bent over my desk at the same time.

Another time I remember quite clearly was having sex at a rock concert. It was a stadium concert and I was hot for this guy I had just met. We tried to sneak into a bathroom but we were caught by a security guard. We ran off and found an open broom closet and snuck inside and began to get it on. Again, we got caught by security and they made us leave the concert. I was with friends I needed to wait for, so we fucked in the bushes next to the parking lot and then I waited for my friends to come out when the concert was over. That was another fun experience I won’t soon forget!


Why I Love Public Sex & Flashing

The most thrilling part of public sex is knowing that other people can see and hear you, but not giving one single damn about getting in trouble. Two weeks ago, I flashed my ass in a pancake restaurant and laughed about it while other people were appalled.

When it’s hot outside and I have to drive long distances, I often wear nothing but a bra and panties. Truck drivers love that and I often flash them my tits. I had one truck driver following me for miles begging me to pull over and talk to him. I laughed and sped off giggling to myself about the incident.

Once I flashed a guy in public for money. It was his thing and he was paying me so I had no problem doing it for him. I flashed him my pussy and tits as I walked down sidewalks, and had a few drinks at some bars. He was taking pics but no one knew he was there. He would sit a few tables away or sit on a bench across the street. That was also fun for me.

I love being naked and will take off my clothes any chance I get! And, I love the attention!


Enjoy Without Getting Caught!

To enjoy the moment, you have to do what you are comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable it will show and you’ll attract unwanted attention from management and security. At times, I feel like I can get away with anything but you really have to judge the situation and environment you are in. I’ve never done anything inappropriate in places where it’s very inappropriate like a church or playground. So choose your places wisely.

Bars, restaurants, hotels, and adult themed events like adult expos and nudist/swinger parties are far more forgiving of bad behavior than regular vanilla, ever day life places. But being quick and discreet also helps. For example, if you are having public sex don’t take off all your clothes. Ladies wear a dress and men; you only need to unzip. Don’t get fully naked and have an escape route.

And if you do get caught you have two choices, face the music and accept the consequences or RUN! Haha! Be safe, be confident, be sexy, and have fun!

Jade Nixon – Hot and horny, tattooed and pierced, bi vixen. Anal loving, deep throat queen who fucks like a pro. I love rock music, cars, and Harley Davidson bikes. I’m a real life milf and wild child. I love sex, music, coffee, and food. One day I’d like to own a restaurant. Follow me at: – My personal collection of videos and pics. Also offering services for private Snapchat, dick ratings, and custom vids. – Free collection of promotional videos and pics from my private collection and some studio work

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I have some video shoots coming up in the next month and will be traveling to NY and NV. I hope to be in CA before Christmas. This is my first year in the adult industry and I have plans to become a household name! Soon everyone is going to know Jade Nixon and love her!

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Jade Nixon

Hot and horny, tattooed and pierced, bi vixen. Anal loving, deep throat queen who fucks like a pro. I love rock music, cars, and Harley Davidson bikes. I’m a real life milf and wild child. I love sex, music, coffee, and food. One day I’d like to own a restaurant.


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