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Public Sex, aka Dogging, why it is a turn on


Public Sex, aka Dogging, why it is a turn on

Dogging is a slang that basically involves having sex in a public place with people watching and even sometimes joining in the fun.  The excitement and thrill of having sex outdoors is undeniable and some have even gone on record saying they’ll only reach orgasm from dogging. Who better than Tia Bell, Ireland’s famous dogging queen to answer a few questions we have.

What’s the best thing you love about dogging?

I think dogging is great to meet new, same minded people who love that lifestyle . I hear from so many single males and couples who would love to try that lifestyle and I think it is great that so many people are interested in it, and it also connects people through exchanging experiences and making many new friends.  And some people simply love to have a kick when having sex in public areas.

Where have you tried dogging?

I myself have tried dogging in Ireland, Holland and Germany which made me popular in those countries.  We (my boyfriend and I) also get many invitations from all over the world right now as people would love to have us attending their dogging and gangbang parties. I always have my boyfriend with me as we love to film it too and we are on almost every porn site in the internet with our dogging movies.

How popular are your dogging movies?

I’m very well  known on the internet as the “Irish Dogging Queen” as I believe I’m the only women who loves dogging in Ireland and also films it at the same time (as far as I know).  Some woman I know do dogging in Ireland but don’t do any filming.  My bpyfriend and I are on (, (–bell) and other sites.

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Famous Irish Dogging Queen and Escort Tia Bell. I love to share my hobby with everyone:) Check my website by clicking on the links below to find out more about me!


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