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Kink Up Your Sex Life With Cosplay


Kink Up Your Sex Life With Cosplay

What can I say about sex? Personally, I think sex is absolutely a satisfying and healthy experience. It’s one of my favorite past times and my overactive imagination is constantly spinning things in a sexual manner. You might even say I’m ‘obsexed’. But for all the hype I’ve built up around it, sex is an unusually casual thing in my line of work. That never causes it to get boring in my personal life though. I’m happy to try new things and diversify the abilities I have in my sexual arsenal.


How I Started Cosplaying

I’ve enjoyed making and wearing costumes since I was a kid and since I’m always looking for an excuse to dress up, I began attending California based anime conventions back in 2009.  Something I like about anime conventions is that the focus of the con is on animated characters and those are my favorite cosplays to bring to life. The types of characters that you find in anime series are personality types represented in their extremes and so you get a lot of variety in the kind of cosplays you get to choose.

For instance, there’s the always demure, often chaste, secret-pervert type of characters such as Chii from Chobits or Maria The Virgin Witch. On the other end of the spectrum you have the sexually brazen girls like the sisters from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.  Then you have the spunkier tomboy like Gaige the Mechromancer from the video game series Borderlands 2. You can see where I’m going with this, I like exploring all roleplay opportunities. The bratty as well as the submissive. Each of these are fun to cosplay as, in and out of the bedroom!


Combining Sex & Cosplay

I love to cosplay as Shimakaze from the Kantai Collection because she is a Japanese war vessel personified as a thong-flashing sexpot. She’s overly confident and so it’s fun to cosplay as her while she gets her ego put in check with a spanking. Another cosplay sex scenario that is in my highlight reel is incorporating tentacle play. You bust out a  wriggling tentacle dildo dripping with lube and any character can be instantly transformed into a hentai wet dream. That’s what I’m always eager to do in the bedroom, fulfilling mine and my partner’s fantasies.



How To Cum Hard & Have Mind Blowing Orgasms

Mindset is key here! Roleplay can help put me in the proper frame of mind to achieve my horniest orgasms. Even if it’s a solo masturbatory session! Some of my preferred scenarios include: monster/fantasy, abduction, harem wives, deflowering, and taboo themes.

As far as physical stimulation goes, I’ve learned through experience that firmly pressing a Hitachi (or any type of powerful vibrator) against my clit while I’ve got my pussy stuffed leads to squiirt-inducing orgsasms, without fail.  And if I want to cum my absolute brains out, I insert the end of a sharpie or a small butt plug into my anus. That bonus stimulation makes me cum so hard I see Jesus.


How To Make Sex Kinkier

The good news is: you can always make sex kinkier, thereby making it hotter! Without jumping to extremes too. Roleplaying is a naughty and super effective way to get a reaction out of your partner. It takes a little courage to come out of your comfort zone the first few times you attempt it but if you are going at it with a person whom you can expose that vulnerable side to, then you will have your foot in the doorway to a very titillating new world of pleasures. Plus it doesn’t have to cost a dime!

Imagination goes beyond costumes too. Tease your partner before you lay a smooch on them, make them ask out loud what it is they want. Linger on their erogenous zones and let them feel the warmth of your breath near their most sensitive bits before diving in. Lick between their toes while you watch them get themselves off. There are so many simple moves you can make to amplify everyone’s pleasure levels, I’m just rattling off the ones that come immediately to mind.

Dresden is a fresh faced fetish model and actress who specializes in girl-on-girl porn. She can be seen shaking her stuff in several B-movie horror films as well as on your favorite kinky websites. Follow her always NSFW snapchat for free @pleasureclone. Follow Dresden at:



Be sure to tune into to on Sep. 10, 2016 at 11:30am to watch in real time as Dresden endures grueling bondage and unspeakable acts of torment! You can catch Dresden at these upcoming industry events:

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Images courtesy of Dresden
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Dresden is a fresh faced fetish model and actress who specializes in girl-on-girl porn. She can be seen shaking her stuff in several B-movie horror films as well as on your favorite kinky websites. Follow her always NSFW snapchat for free @pleasureclone.


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