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Things To Know About Swinging

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Things To Know About Swinging

Swinging is sometimes our Saturday night. My husband and myself have been swinging for quite a few years. This December we will celebrate 10 years being married. Many of these years we have celebrated with adding some “strange” to our relationship.

Swinging is a positive way to express sexuality with multiple partners who want to join in the fun. Sometimes we invite others to our place. We’ve met at clubs, secret parties, and other countries. Swinging can strengthen a great relationship and it can rip to shreds weak ones.


Why Do People Swing?

Swinging is a couple experience of adding to their relationship. Swinging is about adults being able to enjoy each other without the fear of attachment from the new individual. A single guy looking for a couple doesn’t play well. Swingers respect relationships. Many swingers we know are looking for friends. Like every real relationship, many look for like minded individuals they can see casually and maybe fuck. We meet new people each time we travel to new cities. Some swingers are in REAL LIFE Master & Slave Relationships, while some are voyeurs. We’ve been to parties where those of us having sex were also on display for the entire party.

Swinging Helps Relationships!

Yes. I believe it can. But swinging isn’t for everyone. Trust is very important. The original couples must trust each other in their actions as to why they do them. Sometimes I like to be blindfolded and a friend comes over. Other times I want to watch a woman be my husband’s little fuck toy. Full trust takes away the fear of cheating or worrying. The permission and delivery of new individuals for your play are key parts.  If one doesn’t have permission, they could end up tearing their personal relationship apart. By allowing and encouraging your partner to experience their fantasies, you can reach a new level in your relationship. Experience your fantasy with your best friend.


Do’s & Don’ts Of Swinging

Hmm. That’s a hard one to answer. Each couple will have to figure out what they want from swinging. Swinging experiences are all different.

Talk to your partner.

Make your own rules first. Develop trust in your new game by setting guidelines.

Make your list of Do’s and Do Not’s. Most times, we have already established what others do not like for fun before we have met them. Normally, contact is through texting. For example, I do not like pain. I also bruise easily. I do not let those I do not know spank me. Sometimes others like to be spanked until red. Some ladies request it.

Make a list of what you want to experience. Try to make it happen.

Don’t forget if you don’t like something to speak up.

Do not do anything you do not want to do.

Getting Yourself Ready To Swing

Start researching. Use the internet. Look for parties to attend. Then plan a date night with your partner and whoever else you can take home.

Get tested. Make sure you are being safe. Bring Condoms and lube. Grab your confidence and have no expectations. Things might get crazy.

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