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A Brand New Kind of Runner’s High: Exercise-Induced Orgasms


A Brand New Kind of Runner’s High: Exercise-Induced Orgasms

Although you may be familiar with the phenomenon known as “Runner’s High” (i.e., strenuous exercise resulting in an extreme rush of endorphins), I bet that “Exercised-Induced Orgasms” (EIOs) is an unchartered territory. Well, if I am correct, today is your lucky day because you are about to receive a crash course in EIOs.

EIOs are defined as “the experience of an orgasm that occurs during physical exercise” and, until recently, were thought to be old wives tales or figments of people’s imaginations. However, over the last few years, two prominent researchers at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University (Dr. Debbie Herbenick & Dr. Dennis Fortenberry) began to look into people’s experiences with sexual arousal and orgasm resulting from physical exercise.

After some extensive data collection, here is what they found:

(1) Although women are more likely than men to experience EIOs, men also report experiencing arousal and orgasms while engaging in physical exercise. However, to date, the only published data has focused exclusively on women.

(2) Many activities can bring on experiences of EIOs including: climbing poles or ropes, weight lifting, running, stretching, yoga, aerobics, swimming, chin-ups, pull-ups, dance, etc. However, EIOs are most commonly a result of abdominal exercises (i.e., a coregasm).

(3) It appears as though EIOs are fairly uncommon and fairly infrequent; however an exact estimate of the prevalence and frequency of EIOs in the population (both men and women) is still unknown. That being said, in a sample of 370 women who reported experiencing an EIO at some point in their lives, a sizeable minority indicated that they experience EIOs on a regular basis.

Despite the advances in research assessing EIO, more work is needed. I should also mention that not all women indicated that EIOs were pleasant experiences. In fact, many women reported feeling embarrassed after experiencing an EIO.

Take home message: Do not hit the gym today with the goal of climaxing because it most likely will not happen. In the off chance that you do experience an EIO, you may not even enjoy the experience anyway. Think of it this way, some women are able to achieve orgasm through oral sex, others achieve orgasm through self-stimulation, and some do not achieve orgasm at all. This is likely the case for EIOs as well, all women are different and all women experience pleasure in different ways.

For more information check out Dr. Herbenick’s and Dr. Fortneberry’s study:
Herbenick, D., & Fortenberry, J. D. (2011). Exercise-induced orgasm and pleasure among women. Sexual and Relationship Therapy26, 373-388.

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Ashley Thompson

Ashley is a PhD student at the University of New Brunswick in Experimental and Applied Psychology. She is also the writer/editor at and the host/community producer of the Canadian television show "Turning It On: Your Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships." Her research interests relate to the onset and maintenance of intimate relationships, with particular focus on attitudes and judgments in the context of sex and relationships.



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