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Singapore YouTuber & Deejay Jazzy Tan mixes it up!


Singapore YouTuber & Deejay Jazzy Tan mixes it up!

Looking ever gorgeous, we catch up with Youtuber and Deejay Jazzy Tan as she recommends places to party on weekends in Singapore and how she began her YouTube journey.

Hi Jazzy, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hey you! I am a dreamer who was born on the 12th of March in a tiny island, Singapore. Since young, I’ve always wanted to be in front of the camera, sing or to do something related to the entertainment world to share my talents and content to others! However, I abhor the idea of being tied down to an agency, fixed office hours or listening to orders, so I took it to myself to start my own YouTube channel to upload my content that I dictate and I am lovin’ it so far, only got serious about 3 months back after graduation from NUS.

On the other hand, I am also a multi-faceted human being, so I also host or emcee every weekend for companies like Samsung and deejay at night in clubs/bars.

Currently, I’m entering into the real estate market as an agent too because I dream to own many properties worldwide.

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You share quite a few beauty tips on your YouTube channel. How did the inspiration to create videos come about?

I actually started the channel way back in 2010 but I didn’t put any heart into it. I was uploading infrequently and posting whatever… So I thought I needed to be very targeted to grow my channel. I love watching Youtubers like Trisha Paytas, Patrickstarrr and Leendaproductions. They inspire me so much because they are such strong individuals who overcome so much in their lives and how they carry themselves with confidence really impacted me so much to also do that in my channel. Through my videos, other than just talking about beauty, my main message I wanted to exude to my viewers is that ‘you can be anyone, you can do anything and you can live the life you want’! I want people to know that anything is possible. The grind is real but the results will be rewarding!

How long does it take for you to complete one video and does it involve many takes and editing?

It takes a long ass time to get a video edited especially if its not a vlog! Every video takes 5-6hrs for me to edit because I want it to look the perfect way I desire.

For takes…..maybe around 3 takes now that I am getting better at this film myself type process.

Is there a specific diet you are on to having that fabulous body?

NO! In fact I am such a glutton I actually eat a lot more than a lot of my friends. Hehe.

Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to food?

YASSSSSS gimme some of that Ben & Jerry Chocolate Therapy!


You have a lovely tattoo on your right shoulder of two roses. Can you share with us the story behind it?

I got it colored recently (still peeling) and let me tell you I was such a whiny bitch when my friend was inking me…….. Like I complained so much about the pain. It’s really an unbearably painful area to get tattooed.

And…..sorry I wish I could make up some juicy story about the roses but no they are just a pair of generic roses on my shoulders for aesthetics haha. I got a hate comment saying how ‘original’ my rose tattoo was, oh wells stupid haters 🙂

Where are some places to recommend for a good party on weekends?

Ouhhh…I love Attica a lot it used to be my second home, like I party till the club goes down! Kyo is another one of my faves on a Thursday ladies night for old school hiphop R&B, the deejay Andrew Chow inspired me to go into deejay business because he made me realize being a deejay is to emit the emotions you want your crowd to feel through the tracks you drop.


How will you describe a perfect date?

Hmmm.. a lot of flirting, skin contact, teasing…..nice sexy outfit in a nice cooling outdoor area facing a nice scenery. Guy in sleek back hair.

It’s been a pleasure featuring you Jazzy. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

A lot of time I think sexy shows through when a girl knows how to look into the camera or someone’s eyes. Not really smiley, but sultry….confidence knowing you are the hottest thing in the room, anywhere, any time. Thanks SimplySxy for having me.

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