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What does Thai model Guy Sorrasek find most attractive in a girl?


What does Thai model Guy Sorrasek find most attractive in a girl?

The hunky Thai model Guy Sorrasek shares with us what turns him on and the kinkiest request he has ever heard from a fan. Get to know more about Guy and enjoy those perfect abs of his.

Hi Sorrasek, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions on SimplySxy. Can you share a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Sawasdee Krab . Hi’ SimplySxy fans, I’m Guy Sorrasek , 21 years old. As a Freelance model based in Bangkok, Thailand. I was born in Bangkok. Mixed between Thai-Chinese. That’s why I’ve Asian eyes. Nice to meet you all guys.


When did you first start modelling? And how was that experience like?

Well first. I’ve been work as a personal trainer around 2 years ago since I was 18 . then I became a waiter in restaurant at JJ Market (Famous weekend market in Bangkok) invited by people who know me at Gim, that’s the time I thought it’s a kind of way to have more experience.

After that I started to work as a model this year so it’s quite new for me but I’m a lucky person though. I’ve had a chance to be one of models on the “Straight guy we love” of Attitude Magazine Thailand July 2015 Issue It’s my first time to come into a real modeling life and it has given me opportunities with agencies to further my modeling.


Describe your sense of style?

Playful, naughty and a bit sexy haha. In magazine or photos, I look sexy but eventually I’m kind of playful when I’m living my personal life.

Is there a specific diet you are on to having that amazing body?

Absolutely, normally I’m quite strict to eat “protein” for my body and I’ve a diet plan every single time when I have a photo-shoot. It’s not easy to maintain a gym body type if you are lazy. This is my career and I love my job.


Do you have any hobbies?

Exercise, boxing and playing internet games.

What is your biggest turn on?

Can I say? Ok I’ve a secret. I love to see beautiful legs with sexy skirt and it’s turns me on.


Have you received any weird requests from strangers?

Haha yes, can I buy your underwear? ( take off then send to me) It amazed me, oh maybe it’s part of the business.

How will you describe a perfect date?

“Just two of us” not so much luxury but I will turn off my mobile. Disconnect from social media for a while and giving my time to my love only.


It’s been a pleasure featuring you Sorrasek. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Well for me, sexiness is more than physical things like a sexy body etc. It’s all about every aspect of person. Eye contact, the touch, getting a strong connection, yes that is sexy.

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