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Freelance talent and model Selina Ng


Freelance talent and model Selina Ng

Who is Selina Ng?

Hi! I’m Selina from Singapore. Currently working as a freelance event talent/model.


What’s one fun fact about yourself?

Fencing was my CCA during my schooling days.

I was actually doing it competitively till I was about 19. People will always look at me with their eyes open widely whenever I mentioned this to them. I miss it and I will definitely go back to fence for leisure.

What turns you on?

A charismatic smile. It’s hard to find a guy with such a smile.

Craziest thing you’ve done?

Slapped a guy twice when I was 12. That guy was really annoying though I’ve warned him not to disturb me for a couple of times. He ended up crying like a girl. LOL.


Favourite drink?

AK47. My favourite drink to start with whenever I was clubbing at Butter Factory.

Spit or swallow? 

How about none of them?


Sweet, Salty or a little bit of both?

A little bit of both? Too much of sweet treats can make you feel sick and too much of salty food can make you feel thirsty.

Which movie character best represents you?

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. She’s a strong female character with identity and integrity.

Worst rejection you’ve faced?

I went for one event casting. The client actually made us stand in a row, scanned at us from head to toe and pointed at the selected ones “You, you, and you, come out now”. They did not even ask us to introduce ourselves; it’s all purely by appearance. It’s a waste of my time and kinda embarrassing that I didn’t get selected and was ‘informed’ in such a way.

The way they chose the girls is like a guy looking at the ‘fish tank’ with naked girls and they pick you after looking at your appearance.


Must have in your wardrobe?

Crop tops, shorts and maxi dress. You can never go wrong with them at different occasions.

What’s sexy to you?

Sexy to me is about being confident and believing in yourself.

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