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Model Katherine Aiko is a beauty


Model Katherine Aiko is a beauty

SimplySxy catches up with the beautiful Singaporean model Katherine Aiko and find out how a typical day is like for this babe and how she got into modelling.

Hi Katherine, it’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Please share with us a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hi my name is Katherine, Aiko is my alias. I’m a Singaporean, born and based here in Singapore, but I am not purely Chinese by descent. My paternal grandmother is a Peranakan from the Indonesian. I graduated in Lasalle visual arts, and then moved on to freelance modelling. Big difference.

But once in a while I’ll dabble into digital artwork/painting. ( I have to use my unflattering art skills somewhere, as I see Art more as a passion and hobby). 

And, I love food! I‘ll never fail to share my food journey with my friends on my media platform.


What is the story behind your journey into modelling?

I started freelance modeling since 18. I got discovered by a local agency. A part time job and an extra income during my school days. Basically my career just get started this way and people started calling and I skipped classes to work sometimes. I never thought I would model for more than a few years, but I just couldn’t reject anyways.

I always believe that modeling would allow me to meet different people and experience a lot of different things, so I looked for opportunities to learn and grow, and I’ll always have a sense of satisfaction after the task.


Who are some of your favourite designers or brands?

I don’t really have a favourite designer/ brand, but if I were to really name one, that would be Alexander McQueen . I have a thing for skulls and masochism. An expression of freedom and fearlessness.


Are there any fashion or beauty trends that annoy you?

Not really.

Fashion/ beauty trends have been a part of pop culture for decades and have influenced many of us in how we behave and react to other people around us.

Each has their impact on the industry, depending on how you see it.


How is a typical day like in the life of Katherine?

  1. Planning & Work
    If I’m not working, I’ll spend some time planning my work schedule in my mobile phone calendar app. My day usually starts by checking emails, and Whatsapp, applying upcoming jobs, making lists to prioritize tasks. Good planning is a must for a freelancer’s working schedule.
  2. Eat
    At least 40% of my time is spent in this stage or even more when I’m not working.
  3. Marketing
    This is roughly another half of my time spend on doing ‘marketing’ for my upcoming event/ sponsorship advertorial on my Facebook, Instagram networking platform.

You are quite a foodie as well. What are 3 types of food you’ll miss if they were to be no longer available?

Meat , seafood and cakes hahahaa.


Which 3 words best describe you?

Friendly, Funny and Feisty (when its necessary).


If you could take part in a reality TV show, what will it be?


I would like to see how will I react or do when I’m living under one roof with different people having not known to each other prior to moving in.


Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions on SimplySxy, Katherine. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Someone who is confident and charismatic is sexy.

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