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New York based fashion designer Kaitherine Chang


New York based fashion designer Kaitherine Chang

Kaitherine Chang’s creativity and love for fashion design knows no boundaries. Working in New York, one of the fashion capital’s of the world, has exposed Kaitherine to a variety of styles and experiences that has only served to inspire her to greater things. Learn more about her and you might just notice her own brand in stores near you very soon.

Hi Kaitherine, it’s a great pleasure to feature you on SimplySxy. Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Thanks for inviting me! I’m from Taiwan and I came to New York to study Fashion Design 4 years ago. Now I’m working as an assistant designer at a New York based womenswear brand. I’m also working on my own brand “ Kaitherine Chang”.


How did you begin modeling?

Actually, I’m not a real model. I’m just a girl who loves art, fashion and photography. I started to take pictures of myself in the clothes I made and designed, and people started to notice me and invited me to be in their photoshoot.

I love to participate in fashion projects, but I never consider myself to be a professional model. I actually want to be more of a fashion icon than just a model. I want to have full control of the styling process and the resulting images.


What are some of the highlights you have experienced so far?

The fact that I’m now in New York and get to be in the fashion industry is the highlight of all my experiences so far. I’ve always wanted to come to NY since I was little.

In NY, I get to meet all kinds of different people, see all kinds of different arts and fashion events. They have really inspired me a lot.


If you had the chance to change something, what will it be?

I’m happy with my life so far. I don’t want to change anything from before, but I’m always looking for a chance to improve in every way.


Name 3 quirky and fun facts about yourself

  • I’m very into supernatural stuff, I like to read books and articles about hypnosis, the afterlife, and conscious/subconscious..etc.
  • I don’t really own real pants. If you ever see me in pants that will only be disco pants (people consider them as leggings) or ripped jeans.
  • I have weird dreams almost everyday.


Is there a secret behind your beauty regime to looking so fabulous?

I guess people usually see me through my pictures. In that case, I’ll have to say the secret are my friends. Lol..I’m crazy when it comes to taking pictures. Thanks to my friends who are so patient in helping me take good pictures! They also give me advice when it comes to fashion, make-up etc. So I guess being surrounded by good people is my secret to looking good.


Have you done anything crazy and not regret it?

When I was in Taiwan, my parents were quite strict because I’m an only child. I would rarely go out clubbing or hang out late at night. Even when I was in college back home, my mom still came to pick me up from school everyday. I used to get home no later than 11 PM.

So the craziest thing I did when I came to NYC was going out almost every night. In this city that never sleeps there are plenty of fun things to do. I think going out every night is crazy, but I made up my mind that I wanted to go out until I got sick of it. It was also the first time I went out by myself without my parents around me.

Now, I’m more calm and chill; not crazy like that anymore. I don’t regret those days though. I got to meet a lot different people, and seen enough craziness. I guess I was afraid of being alone. From this I learned a lot and now I enjoy spending time by myself.


Are you more of a lingerie or bikini girl?

I would say lingerie. I love lingerie! Wearing sexy lingerie under your clothes automatically adds sexiness to a woman’s demeanor. It’s like a naughty little secret between you and yourself.

I also like to wear some lingerie as an outfit or mix and match into my daily outfit. I feel it’s such a waste if I can’t share lingerie fashion with others.

I’m also planning on starting off my brand with a lingerie collection.


Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions on SimplySxy, Kaitherine. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

It might sound cliche, but I really think confidence is the key to being sexy.

Everyone has a different look and a sense of fashion, but once you find the one that fits you most , it can make you feel confident and good about yourself. That’s when a person is sexy.

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