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Leng Yein – Asia’s Number 1 female DJ


Leng Yein – Asia’s Number 1 female DJ

Her list of achievements grows everyday, from winning beauty pageants to awards, Leng Yein is a perfect example of stunning beauty with brains. Look past all that and you see someone talented, with a strong will power to succeed and a never die attitude, which has driven her to become the person she is today. Leng Yein shares more about herself and who she is below so read on!

Hi Leng Yein, it’s a great pleasure to have you on SimplySxy. You have won numerous awards, titles, acted in shows and performed live to thousands of people. If you could pick out one career highlight so far from your ever growing list of achievements, what will it be?

Since I was young, I’ve been a full A’s Student. Then I became a sportswoman in swimming and board diving, representing my state and then the national team. I then moved on to being the most successful young entrepreneur at age 20, having five shops in my hometown, running various businesses and wholesales. When I turned 22, I began to win beauty pageants.

I am Ms Malaysia World, Ms Pahang, F1 GT Queen, straight up to winning the best Car Queen in the world’s largest after market car show SEMA in Las Vegas. I’m on more than hundreds of magazines and a lot of covers, advertisements, commercials etc. Then I became a performing pianist.  Now I’m a DJ and recently won the #1 Asia’s Female DJ in FDJ List and DJaneMag. I don’t know which is my favourite coz all achievements are a part of me and part of my life. I love both the scars and the stars.


The audience goes absolutely wild and crazy whenever you spin. How do you get ready for each party before whipping the crowd into a frenzy?

I have the power to hold people’s attention in life. And now I have to hold everyone together in the party and make em happy. It is tougher for me as everyone expects so much from me because I have a pretty face and a sexy body. And they think I could only have either beauty or brains but I am more than that because I do not wanna stoop as low as others expectations and standards. I am who I am because of who I want to be. I made and build myself this way. I never settle for norms. It’s too dull for me. That’s why I could do what people thought I couldn’t. Because I either make people love, or hate me. I don’t do in-betweens. My shows, are exactly like how and who I am. I am crazy.


All your tattoos are pretty cool! Is there a special story behind any one of them?

I owned a tattoo parlor. I just sleeve em coz I wanted some colours on me. I don’t like being dull or living dull. I’m extreme. I’m fun. I’m vibrant. I have so many tattoos but only ONE has a purpose and meaning to it. The one across my shoulder is written “Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk”.

I was going through a super heartbroken period and I flew 32 hours back to Malaysia from the States. I had only one person that I wanted to see. I went to see him at his work place in Malaysia’s #1 Club – Zouk. He is the MC for Zouk Club, my friend of 4 years who is always there for me, watching me through all the downs in my life. I touched down Malaysia and went straight to the club. I just sat there and watched him do his regular thing, hyping the crowd, and I left without saying good bye. I just wanted to see him. He finished his work at 5.30am and he saw how terrible I looked but coz he was working he couldn’t talk to me. So he called me and cared like how he always does for the past four years. He knows I was heartbroken so he spent 5 hours talking to me to make me strong again, because I am always strong and unbeaten.

He told and reminded me everything that he had seen me through, and reminded me WHO I am. He told me “You are the only person I know, who walks the walk and talks the talk. Because You WALKED first, then talked. Whereas most of the people talk first, but they ain’t walking shit.” The call ended around 10-ish. At 12pm, I went to my friend’s tattoo parlor and got it tattooed right on my left shoulder. To remind myself, that I will always be the person who walks the walk, and talks the talk. It has been almost five months now since Feb 7th. And I never stop or slowed down a single bit. I continue walking proud and loud. And will always be walking, this way.


What is playing in your song list right now?

Thinking Out Loud, All Of Me and Yiruma Piano Pieces. I love piano pieces , love songs and slow songs.


Tell us 3 fun facts which your fans might not know?

Basically it is written all over me. I’m Bold. I’m Fierce. I’m Expressive and Fiery. I am un-tamable. I am not for the faint of hearts. 3 isn’t fun enough for me. I always have more than others. I’m an Aries.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done and not regret?

To fall in love at first chat and begins at forever. I am a one man woman. I would kill and die for my man. So bitches, ya better not provoke my man or me. I’m the last bitch you wanna meet.


Are you more of a lingerie or bikini girl?

I’m a birthday suit kinda chick. I love my skin and my tits and ass. Latex, laces, anything kinky and sexy are my thing.


Which is your favourite body part?

My twins and my ass.


Thank you again for the lovely interview Leng Yein. Can you tell us how you define “sexy”?

Sexy to me is all in the head. Sexy, is a person who is Independent, Confident, Straightforward, Bold and Fierce, Adaptive. A person who never gives up, knows when to say No, and always knows what to do and how to make dreams a reality. A person who never begs or relies on everyone. Mind over body.

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