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Jun Yong knows her football and that’s enough to fall in love with her!


Jun Yong knows her football and that’s enough to fall in love with her!

Former Miss Malaysia Tourism, current TV host of the world’s most beautiful game and meeting famous footballing stars from around the globe. That’s just a part of the gorgeous Jun Yong’s exciting life. With her love for travelling and passion for football, Jun Yong is living the life that is the envy of every guy. Guess which football player she hopes to interview if the opportunity arises, and she looks absolutely hot all dressed up in the football kit of World Cup winners Germany.

Hi Jun Yong, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from?

Hello! I’m a TV Host on Astro Supersport. Avid reader, full time traveller and coffee addict. I’m an only daughter of two teachers. I was born in Penang and raised in Subang Jaya.


As a former Miss Malaysia Tourism, having participated in pageants, appearing in magazines and currently a TV host, what will you say is your career highlight so far?

It just keeps getting better and more exciting! I have to say doing what I do in the sports and media industry has been quite rewarding. The people and personalities I get to meet and sometimes interview is part of the reason why I love my job so much. To be acknowledged and featured on magazines and also on SimplySxy, it is very flattering and I can’t help but feel very blessed for having the good fortune to do what I love and love what I do.


You have one of the most sought after jobs and it is hosting on Astro Supersport and meeting all the famous footballers. Where did your passion for football come from?

My earliest memory of Football has got to be the 2002 World Cup. Germany was playing Brazil in the finals and I remember watching it with my dad, being so intrigued and even though I was so young then, I remember my dad explaining the rules and regulations of the game to me. He never underestimated a child’s ability to learn so I have fallen in love with the beautiful game ever since.


Which footballer do you hope to interview and meet one day if you had the chance?

There are plenty, if I had to make a list of top 5, it would be Philip Lahm, Christiano Ronaldo, Olivier Giroud, Cesc Fabregas and Mario Gotze.


As an avid traveller, what is an ideal vacation getaway to you?

Depends if the getaway is jam packed with exploration and adventure, or just relaxation. I like both, but to relax, anywhere with a beautiful beach is great. I don’t mind exploring any city or corners of the earth as long as I’ve got the right company.


Have you had your fair share of vacation woes before?

Ooh.. yes of course. Lost my luggage, left my things at hotels, got my money stolen. Almost got mugged.. It happens.

What are some travel tips to keep in mind which you can share with our readers?

Always put valuables in the safe, and lock your luggage bags whenever you leave the hotel room. Get on apps like TripAdvisor to check out the best place to dine around your area. After all what’s a vacation without good food?


And the one place you must visit but have not is?

I haven’t been to Africa and South America. Would love to explore.


Thank you again for the lovely interview Jun Yong. Can you tell us how you define “sexy”?

Sexiness in a woman, to me is about being confident and comfortable in your own skin. A woman who is fearless, uninhibited and very sure of herself is very sexy to me.

Follow the loveable Jun Yong on:
Twitter: @yongwanjun

Instagram: @yongwanjun


Can’t get enough of Jun Yong?  Watch out for her at the following:

1. August 2015, hosting Revive Football Countdown on Astro Supersport, every Friday 9pm.
2. Currently reporting pitch-side from the Malaysian Super League aired on StarHub.
3. Host of the Singapore Football Show airing every Friday 9pm on StarHub.

Images courtesy of Wan Jun Yong

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