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Why Do We Need Films Festivals? 我们为什么需要电影节?


Why Do We Need Films Festivals? 我们为什么需要电影节?

When Stanley Kwan came out to his mother at the end of Yang±Yin (1998), he framed it in the context of his own teenage desire for cross-dressing actress Yam Kim-Fai. LGBTQ people have found themselves in big screen queer heroes for over a hundred years, but so too has the cis straight world. Kwan’s brilliant documentary traces a century of Chinese cinema, and finds queer characters and desire in every corner of every decade. “It’s normal,” responds Kwan’s mother. She knows lesbian, gay, bi and trans and queer people. She’s been watching them her whole life on the big screen.

In our inaugural year, ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival is themed around ‘Queer Family.’ Bring your mom. You will find films on marriage and adoption, on parents and teachers, on queer community. Stories
of acceptance into institutions, and of reinterpretations of old traditions. You will also find our short film competitors, exciting new voices who we strive to support. Chinese Queer Cinema has long been underground, but thrives on the support of a family. To our family, at ShanghaiPRIDE, across China and internationally, we are thankful.

There is no shared experience like sitting in the dark room of a cinema. ‘Dark rooms’ hold a very specific meaning in queer male circles. Watching in the darkness, those who gather are not merely an audience,but performers. They reach out and touch, feeling and sharing every fibre of their experience. A cinema should be no different. Touch hearts, share minds. A film festival demands engagement, collaboration and intimacy. This is a festival for our community, for all mothers and queer children. For our queer family.

By Matthew Baren & Alvin Li (Festival Coordinators)


当关锦鹏在《男生女相》(1998)一片 的最后向母亲出柜时,他将其构建在了其母年少 时对反串演员任剑辉的崇拜的背景之下。一百多 年来,LGBTQ人群在大荧幕中找到了他们的酷 儿英雄,但异性恋的世界也未尝不是同样。关锦 鹏精彩的纪录片回溯了一个世纪的中国电影,并 在每个年代的每个角落都找到了酷儿角色与欲 望的影子。“这是完全正常的。”关锦鹏的妈妈 回应道。她了解男女同性恋、双性恋、跨性别者 以及酷儿们。她一生都在大荧幕上看着他们。

尚属首届的上海骄傲电影节今年以“ 酷儿家庭”为主题中心。不妨带上母亲前来参 与,你会找到有关婚姻与收养、有关父母与老 师、有关酷儿群体的各种电影;你会听到关于 个人被群体所接受,关于旧俗新解的故事;你 还会结识我们短片竞赛的参赛电影人们–我 们全力支持着的令人激动的业界新声。中国 的酷儿影线长期处于地下状态,但又在一个 大家庭的支持下壮大着。我们对上海骄傲节、 乃至全国全世界的这个大家庭,怀有感恩。

没有任何一种体验能与坐在一个影院 的暗室里相比。“暗室”对男性酷儿圈子有着 一个极为特别的含义。在黑暗中观看着、集结 着的不仅仅是观众,更是表演者。他们伸出手 去触碰,感受着并分享着他们的每一丝体验。 影院亦无差别:触碰心灵,分享思想。一场电影 节需要参与度、合作度、以及亲密度。这次电 影节,便是给我们这个群体,给所有的母亲和 酷儿孩子们,给我们整个酷儿大家庭的节日。

马修·拜伦 & 李佳桓 (电影节策划人)

*For ShanghaiPRIDE’s full list of events, please visit

Image courtesy of CINEMQ
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