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Ana R, supermodel, actress and blogger in Hong Kong


Ana R, supermodel, actress and blogger in Hong Kong

Tall, beautiful and owner of modelling agency Model One, Ana R has done a ton of modelling work.  Appearing in events and fashion shows to gracing the covers of top magazines, this Hong Kong beauty is not slowing down anytime soon.  SimplySxy catches up with Ana to find out more.

SimplySxy:  Hi Ana, thanks for taking the time to speak with us.  Do share with our readers your ethnicity and how you came to reside in Hong Kong.

Ana: I’m Half Korean and Half Puerto Rican. My dad was stationed in Korea and met my mom on a blind date. Well kind of a blind date. Koreans are old school about dating and you can’t go on a date alone so my mom’s friend asked her to join her and my dad’s friend did the same. I’m the first mix on either side of the family and ended up in HK after many years of travelling like most models do. Living out of your suitcase and moving from city to city every 2 to 3 months. I started in Paris at the age of 14. I came to Asia at the age of 20.

SimplySxy: How did you get into modeling?

Ana: My mom put me into modelling school as it’s something to do on the weekends so I won’t start dating. Yep thats right. Mom was worried I would end up like most girls at my school at the time. In a gang or having kids at the age of 13. Lets just say I did not fit into my surroundings. And my mom did everything from working 3 jobs and to keep me busy and out of everyday problems that was around where we lived. It just was not a safe place.

Ana R1a

SimplySxy: As the founder and co-owner of Modelone, can you share a tip for aspiring models out there who are looking for that breakthrough?

Ana: I started Modelone with 2 other partners. The name Modelone comes from just having one model, just myself. As we grow to being one of the top 10 agencies in HK, I’ve become a little more relaxed about mentioning I’m the owner of the agency. My biggest worry is that people would not see that I look at it as a business and put my heart and soul into the company just as my partners have. so it was always best to keep it low key. I started up Modelone to help models and to help them get to their dreams. When I started out as a model I did not have anyone to help me and had to learn most of the stuff on my own. It was not easy. I love being the big sister of Modelone. and I love to see the girls grow and blossom to amazing women. We are like a family style agency.

SimplySxy: What is your fashion style?

Ana: My style is a little street and a little chic. Coming from a poor background, I learned to make things my own style by taking 2 dresses and putting them together to make a whole new one of kind dress. (My mom also was a seamstress so I picked up a lot of tricks from her) And shopping at markets and 2nd hand stores was lots of fun for me. And as a kid, I was so thin and tall nothing fitted me so my mom would always have to change something around so it would fit. I do love my high end brands but more for bags and shoes, for all my basic stuff, I get H&M and Zara or Top Shop.

SimplySxy: Do you have any interesting hobbies? 

Ana: I love cooking. Always looking for fun new recipe to try. I also love to sew so that keeps me busy. Also looking at things in the market to see what I can add to change in a outfit. Taking care of my dogs. I have 3. Gucci (14) Angel (8) Lilly (10 months) Gucci and Angel are Mini Schnauzer and Lilly is a Mix German Shepard. (Adopted Lilly last year at the Hong Kong Dog Rescue).

SimplySxy: Have you ever had a bad kissing experience?

Ana: I think we all have had a bad kissing experience. I don’t really remember mine.  As it was a very long time ago.

Ana Ra

SimplySxy:  What is your idea of a romantic date?

Ana: Easy! A dinner at home with my husband and he does all the dishes after the meal. LOL! I love going to the sushi bar. I think it’s the best place to take a date for 3 reasons. 1) You are siting next to each other (Who wouldn’t like that on a date. Most dining, you are sitting across form each other) 2) It’s all about sharing your food. Most dishes comes with 2 pieces or are designed for sharing. 3) Siting at the sushi bar is pretty quiet so you can have a conversation with your date. (And yes if you’re not into sushi, you can order cooked food at the bar as well. My husband is not a fan of sushi but he loves other dishes).

SimplySxy:  Thank you for your time out Ana and before we end off, how do you define “sexy”? 

Ana: Sexy to me is something you feel on the inside. If you feel sexy on the inside, no matter what you wear or where you are, it will shine out of you. I sometimes love to have dirty thoughts to get that sexy smile when I’m at a shoot. I find it really funny how so many people think dressing sexy is what makes you sexy. Sexy is a feeling and we all have it.

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Image courtesy of Dan Pak (Photographer). Megumi Sekine (Make-up), Ken Hui (Hair stylist), Jolene Lin (Stylist)

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