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Thien Ngyuen – CLEO Bachelor 2014


Thien Ngyuen – CLEO Bachelor 2014

Handsome, with a super-fit physique and great personality, Thien Nguyen is the guy all ladies want to bring home to mom.  Winning CLEO magazine’s Bachelor of the Year 2014 has certainly thrust this Australian personal trainer into the spotlight in the past few months and we’re delighted to ask Thien a few questions to get to know him better!

SimplySxy: Hey Thien, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to interview you on SimplySxy. Please share with our readers a little about yourself and where you’re from.

Thien: I am Vietnamese but was born and raised in Australia. I currently live in Sydney and work as a Personal Trainer/Martial Arts instructor running my own business, Hard Personal Training at Dong Thanh Alliance Martial Arts.

SimplySxy: Being crowned Cleo Australia’s Bachelor of the Year 2014 is a massive achievement. Has a lot changed for you since winning the title?

Thien: It is definitely a highlight of my life! I became an ambassador for Lenovo since then and have been given opportunities with agencies to further my modelling/acting career. Other than that, I am the same person with some nicer clothes and a more trendy haircut!


SimplySxy: You must be even more attention from the ladies. Do you get a lot of request from females requesting to be their personal trainer?

Thien: It is funny how I got more female attention after winning Cleo Bachelor. It may have been all a co-incidence? Haha. I get a lot of request to train models/actors that want to make it in the industry. I can’t complain. Loving it!


SimplySxy: What are some fitness tips you can share to achieve that amazing body like yours?

Thien: Eat well and train hard. Avoid the 3 white poisons in your diet; Salt, sugar and flour. Remember, it is 80% diet and 20% training to achieve that sexy body!

[1409] Bachelor shoot

SimplySxy: Have you gotten any weird or odd requests from female fans?

Thien: Nothing too weird, yet. A female fan offered to be my Vietnamese tutor and others just asked for a selfie because they were in love with my smile.

SimplySxy: What type of girls are you into?

Thien: I am attracted to girls that a down to earth, ambitious and with just the right amount of independence. Girls that enjoy adventure and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty tick my boxes.


SimplySxy: Your idea of a romantic date?

Thien: I envisage a candlelit dinner on a yatch or at least overlooking the city lights with a violinist playing my date her favourite song. A romantic stroll by the beach would follow ending with the two of us enjoying each others company whilst gazing at the stars. I must have seen this in a movie somewhere! lol

[1409] Bachelor shoot

SimplySxy: We appreciate you taking your time to answer our questions Thien. One last questions before we end off, how do you define “sexy”?

Thien: Having the confidence to be true and express yourself without the fear of judgement.

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