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New Zealand’s tastiest panty seller, Bianca!


New Zealand’s tastiest panty seller, Bianca!

I started my website after watching a television programme about catching people on hidden camera doing things they shouldn’t be doing.  A tradesman was in a girls home and he picked up a pair of her dirty panties and started masturbating with them, not once but several times!  I found this a bit of a turn on and that’s when brief encounters was created.

My customers are quite straight forward with their orders.  Some are very detailed about what they want but for the most part they just want to sniff and taste a girl’s knickers.  I do get the odd request for my body fluids or if I sell other things like my worn pantyhose or gym socks which I don’t mind selling in addition to my worn panties.  I’d like to expand my website to perhaps include other girls selling their panties but will see how this goes.  New Zealand is a small country but there certainly is a demand for worn panties and I do get a kick out of knowing that some guy out there is getting off on my worn panties!

My favourite panties are rather boring; either cotton, a silky satin, or a cotton G.  I was quite surprised to find out that a lot of males aren’t into the lacy little G’s that I thought would be really popular.  The majority of guys I’ve found preferred cotton full backs with white being the most popular colour of choice. The cotton G comes in second place followed closely by Brazilian’s & boy shorts.  Lace frilly panties aren’t so popular among my customers.

I do get requests for other items besides my panties.  These include my sweaty gym socks or my pantyhose that I’ve worn at work all day.  The strangest request by far was a customer who wanted me to drip my period blood into a container!  That was one request I declined to do.  The most popular service by far on my website is the ‘masturbated in‘ and most guys want my panties to be worn for 24 or 48 hours.  However, I do wear all my panties for 12 hours minimum at no extra cost, and it is just the cost of the panty.

I sometimes hear back from customers who tell me what they do with my panties which I don’t mind at all and the majority of the feedback I get is positive.  There are even a couple of girls who have emailed me to ask how they can sell their own panties!  My goal in starting briefencounters was to be the 1st kiwi girl in New Zealand to have a genuine website for guys who are serious about buying my juicy wet panties!  I love what I do and really like selling them to guys who want them.

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Bianca is a hot young kiwi girl from New Zealand! With panties so tasty you will want to taste & smell them all the time! You will absolutely love her sweet scent and how her worn panties will taste. Explore her website from the links below yourself and you won't be disappointed!



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