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Why I love selling my used panties


Why I love selling my used panties

To the outside world I appear to be your stereotypical 22 year old woman.  I go to university full time, work a part-time job in retail, and enjoy spending my free time hanging out with friends or browsing the internet for too long.  I do love cats and have a strong affinity for chocolate.  But I also have a little secret that few people close to me know about or understand: I sell used panties and other pornographic items online.  Typically when people learn about the used panty world, the response can vary from a sense of curiosity to an immediate “ew gross” type of knee-jerk reaction. To me, used panties are a very personal item, and can vary so much from woman to woman that each different pair can create a very intimate experience for the person buying it.

I like to think a panty buyer is similar to a wine connoisseur; having an understanding as well as an appreciation of different scents from different women. Something that they strive to find the perfect pair that will hit the right “notes” which will tantalize their own personal tastes and senses.

This whole adventure for me began three years ago while I was casually browsing Craigslist.  I came across a post of a young woman selling her used panties to help pay for her university textbooks.  My initial reaction was disbelief that anyone would actually be interested in used panties from some strange women on the internet, so I headed to Google to look into it some more.  Three hours later and I was deep into learning about the online fetish world.  I’ve always been a very open minded individual, so what I was learning about this brand new world appealed to me right away. Despite this revelation and newfound knowledge, it still took me another year to gather enough courage to make my first post online.  I decided I’d throw a website up for fun, maybe get a few hits every so often, and see where it went. What I didn’t realise, is how invested into this online fetish world I will get.

In my first week of business, I sold all the panties I had available.  On top of that, I had to organize a wait list for the subsequent pairs due to the demand.  It came as a complete shock as I was not expecting this sort of demand from customers, especially not in my first week.  The aspect that surprised me most when I first started selling my used panties was how normal these men (and some women) were about it.  They spoke to me in a kind and respectful manner, which further solidified my comfort level as it made me feel like this was less of an underground taboo fetish and more of a professional business transaction.  Soon after, I began to sell custom photo sets, where the buyer would describe a general theme or focus and I would go shoot a set number of photos. From there I moved into doing custom videos which usually involves more specific requests such as personal names or fetishes.  I think most of my customers who order the custom photos or videos are people who are looking for something that the “free” porn sites can’t offer, something more personal and specifically tailored to them.

I definitely underestimated the amount of time all of this would take. I did not realise how much it takes to maintain an online presence, answer all the emails I receive, prepare the orders, and then send out everything.  Not to mention, doing all of this while still going through school and maintaining a part time job.  The amount of time I spend online with this side business could easily amount to a full time job.  Despite that, I absolutely love what I do and enjoy being able to send a little part of me all across the world!  It’s amazing to think how many people have enjoyed my scent; it’s also a bit of a turn on for me as well.  The most frequently ordered item from my website still remains my used panties. Typically I have a 3 to 4 day wait list for panties, which buyers are patient enough to wait for. Most of these orders consist of the regular one day worn panties, although occasionally I do get requests for multiple days of wear.

Personally, I do not prefer doing anything longer than two days of wear since it starts to get a little too fragrant for my liking.  On top of selling panties, recently I’ve been getting involved in the online dominatrix world as well.  So on top of my used panties for sale I’ve been getting more frequent requests for dominatrix themed videos and Kik chats.  My speciality for these sessions and videos are jerk-off instructions.  However, I have experience with small penis humiliation, financial domination, role playing, and foot/ass worshipping as well. I’ve found myself really growing into the dominatrix role and am having a lot fun exploring it with my buyers.

Being in the online fetish world, you have to prepare yourself for the variety of requests you can get. I have gotten some more extreme requests such as: one week of wearing, scat panties, urinated panties, wearing a diaper, and panties covered in period blood.  I don’t take any requests which I don’t feel 100% comfortable with and it’s something I’ve stuck to since I’ve started.  For me, I want to make sure I’m able to deliver 100% to the buyer and do not think it’s fair to them for me to accept a request I’m not personally okay with completing.  So I try to focus on building strong communication with my buyers throughout the whole process to understand their expectations and desires so that I can do my best to fulfill their requests.  I have always taken pride in how I present myself online and how people view my merchandise as well.  Whether it be a physical item like worn panties, or one of my photo sets or videos.  Since I have been doing amateur photography for over 8 years, I feel like I have a good eye for aesthetics and the overall presentation of my merchandise.  This is something I feel that separates me from many other panty sellers.  I don’t simply take a couple of lower quality cell phone pictures and call it a day.

I take the time to set up a camera and take high quality photos or videos.  What I hope and feel that my buyers appreciate most are the small details and efforts like this that I put into everything I do.  Starting this business 2 years ago remains one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I have learned a lot and most importantly for me, I’ve found the confidence in myself to achieve something I never thought I would.  Having my own business has been one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life so far and I hope to remain doing this for a long while!  Visit my website to check my collection out!

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Tiffany C

Tiffany is a 22 year-old panty and fetish seller for the past two years. She currently runs her own website, as well as frequently posting on the website Reddit. Tiffany is known for her high quality, self-shot photography taking a more artistic spin on the typical porn photo out there. She has recently gone into the online dominatrix world and has been gaining more experience with the new role. You can find Tiffany watching cute animal videos on YouTube or spending endless hours browsing Reddit.


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