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Sex as a slutty MILF


Sex as a slutty MILF

SimplySxy: What do you enjoy most about sex now as a slutty MILF as compared to sex before?

Classy Eve: Definitely more exciting, for sure! If I was 25 years younger and acting and doing what I’m doing right now, everyone would treat me like a real slut. With totally no respect! Just a girl that guys only want to fuck and that’s all! That’s tough, I guess, for a young girl today to explore and discover her sexuality. She can’t dress the way she would like, take control in bed, etc. She will be considered a dirty and nasty girl that she’s only good to suck cocks but not to hang out with at a restaurant.DSC00244

It’s the opposite now as a MILF. Guys want to go to a restaurant, hang out, be seen with me in town. And they’re waiting for the thing—to have sex with me. That usually won’t happened because I’m controlling the situations. And that’s the fun part of it. I give them what they want, glimpse of my tits and legs, tease them, good times. It often doesn’t go further because it appears in a business relationship context. But I may organize to make things happen if I want. That guy I jerked off under the table at the restaurant, make him cum in my hand, take a spoon, take the cum, put it in my coffee and drink it while I looked at him directly in the eyes. I gave him an heart attack because he didn’t see nothing happen. Just because I thought he could have something to tell to his colleagues and nobody would believe him. Next, I resumed my night out with my husband and we started a photo shoot. Lol!

SimplySxy: There is something sexy and alluring about MILFs which attracts men. What is this sexiness which guys love that makes MILFs so attractive?

Classy Eve: I think it’s a question of maturity and confidence. Men tend to believe that older women have more sexual experiences. That’s possibly true sometimes. I observed from the emails I received from my website, that guys are searching for approvals from older women. That’s why they like us MILFs so much.

They’re always asking if they can cumtribute my pics, which they don’t ask when they’re talking to younger women on Twitter, asking about the size of their cocks, etc.

And sophistication. The way we dress, how we take our glass of wine, walk in high heels for example. I understood all these pretty fast and apply them everyday. At work, because of my position, I use it to smoothly make people around me grow in confidence. Femininity, maturity and sexiness— those three words are constantly in my mind as a MILF.

SimplySxy: Share with us, a recent memorable slutty sex experience you had with our readers

Classy Eve: I have a couple of hot stories to tell but this one could be fun and reflects pretty well how we deal, as a couple my husband and I, in real life.

A couple of years ago, for a business convention in Houston, Texas, I really love this place though, we had this great dinncl22x007er with all the executives and bosses. I was sitting between my husband as well and an older guy on my left, with his wife sitting on his left. Get the picture? We have a tradition my husband and I. When we’re at a restaurant, he’s constantly playing with my pussy during the meal to make sure I’m always wet.

Coming back to the story. The older guy on my left, accidentally I guess, rubbed his knee on my legs. It’s okay to me as it happens a lot of time during these soirées as we’re too close to each other. But I noticed that he came back more and longer each time. So I thought: “Why don’t I gave him back what I’m best at? Jerking guys under tables.” I gently began to play with his cock over his pants while my hubby kept teasing my pussy.

The guy put his hand on my nylons and I unzipped his pants and began to play with his cock under the table while we were eating. Next thing, he tried to reach my pussy, stopped and freaked out. He had touched the hand of my husband on my clit. Didn’t matter totally to me! I took his hand and put it back where he was supposed to put it, in my pussy. So my husband and the guy were finger-fucking me under the table at the same time. Four fingers in and out of my wet pussy. It was Heaven on Earth! I sipped my glass of wine and bit my lips because I was on the urge of cumming right there in front of 10 executives with their wives.

I made the guy finally came on my nylons, wiped it all over my legs, biting my lips to not scream while having four fingers in my cunt. My hubby kept entertaining people as well, while the guy on my left was sweating as I put his cock back in his pants.  His wife didn’t notice anything BUT the guy in front us, likely aged around 60 years, couldn’t understand what was happened in front of him.

As I told you, grab the opportunities, baby! That’s the reason for moving from a classy wife turned into a slutty MILF as a way of life! And I like it!

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Images courtesy of Lady Classy Eve
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