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Interview with Lady Classy Eve


Interview with Lady Classy Eve

SimplySxy: A very good day to you Classy Eve. Could you give our readers at SimplySxy an introduction of yourself?

Classy Eve: Thank you, the same for you! Well, I’m 49 years old and I’m from Canada. My first photo shoot was in 2007. My hubby asked me to do this for a while, always showing me some amateur website telling me that I was “hot enough” to send some pics of myself. That wasn’t easy at first even if we were looking through porn mag and videos. I had to work hard to find a look that I was happy with, the pose, etc. I’m not a natural, you know. By the way, I admire those women who do this professionally. Boy! They’re really good. After a couple of trials and errors, I sent my first set, corset, boots and a glass of red wine. Something between sweet romance and a naughty bad girl. A concept that we had in mind and still using today. DSC00851

Maybe I was lucky enough I don’t know but with this first photo session, we did the cover of an amateur’s website. Got a lot of nice and really hot comments from the readers. So I finally conclude that “maybe I was cute enough to do some more”. And we did!

Seven years later, I have my own website trying to find new ideas and keep posing for you, which I love to do. But because of my professional life, working in the financial domain, I’d wish I could do it on a regular base but I can’t. Maybe one day!

SimplySxy: How did the name Classy Eve come about?

Classy Eve: I’ve been always attracted by the 50’s fashion, the movies, the music. I found, one day, in my father’s drawers a really beautiful picture of Bettie Page. Thanks Dad for this! I think I have it somewhere in my things at home again because I stole it from him. Don’t tell him, please, lol! I was 10 or 11 years old and it changed my life! I knew that one day, I‘ll be wearing those tight skirts, dresses and really high heels shoes.

When I started modeling, it was so clear and evident in my mind that that was the look I was searching for, a classy one mixed with this little edgy side, you know! The “I’m a good housewife but I’m also a…” look!

SimplySxy: Did you always have a high sex drive from a young age or did it come as you got older?

Classy Eve: Boy, no! As a teenager, I wasn’t the hot ticket at school. I have big tits and especially my nipples, were always hard! A fact that I admitted later was an advantage as a woman. They’re long and pointed. At that time, I was shy to have those long nipples. I was always trying to hide them, using big sweaters, etc. even if Bettie Page was my number 1 hero.

I had a moderate sex life, a couple of boyfriends, casual sex, BJs. No anal even if they asked me for it. No lesbian sex though. Strangely, I wasn’t into lesbian sex at first. A strange story happened one day to my hubby that got me into lesbian sex. He’s really into older woman and I caught him with his boss’s widow. That’s turned me on so much that I couldn’t resist to play with this beautiful lady instead of my husband. Now I considered myself a total bi-woman and I’ve some really memorable sex sessions that way. One day, if you want, I will tell you the whole story. Pretty amazing!

I met my hubby at university and got married, nothing special, even if we were experimenting in new areas, such as using toys, anal sex and flashing. It was like “OK let’s do it to see if it turns both on”. If you’re into porn videos, there were a lot more hard things than we were experimenting in those movies at that time.

And one day, we found it by accident. It started at home as some kind of a joke, my husband began to talk dirty to me, told me I was his fucking bitch and would used me as his whore in the streets. And that was it, we found a way that stimulated our sex life so much. At home, I was his personal whore and he was my pimp! We were hooked to that lifestyle. Serious by day but dirty and naughty at home. 24/7.

SimplySxy: Please share with us your journey from being a classy lady to a slutty MILF today

Classy Eve: I’m with my husband for more than 20 years and am 49 now. At the beginning, I wasn’t, as I said, into sex that much. We had some good hot fucking sessions as you know. Remembered this one time in our car while I was driving and jerking him off at the same time. I would pretty much do everything with him but the sparks wasn’t really there. You know, THE thing.

I knew that my husband liked to watch porn movies and read magazines, like every guy on earth. 12 years ago, he showed me an amateur porn site and I was blown away. I don’t know if I can tell you the name of the site here but let me tell you that the woman I saw was the hottest woman on earth. She’s from Hawaii. You probably know her very well. And she’s now, I guess, 60 or something years old. Her style was so awesome. She influenced us to find our look and style. I’d do everything to meet her. Anyway…DSC01658

At the beginning, my hubby bought a lot of kinky outfits like boots to enhance our sex life and he began to call me a slut, bitch and whore when we were doing our role plays. That was strange but after a while, I discovered that when he wasn’t there I was thinking about those fuck sessions.

So, I asked myself why guys were looking at porn so much. And I understood that they’re always looking for new excitement, probably because they think that they’ve missed something because they’re engaged, married and whatever …

So I said: “Let’s do it this way!” And I remembered how awesome was Bettie Page the first time I saw her. So I transposed it in a real life situation easily. A new slutty attitude. From the bedroom to the boardroom. Lol!

One day, I went to see my hubby at his office dressed like a real lady, more like a whore actually. Nylons, 5 inches heels, tight skirt, etc. Even the secretary didn’t recognize me at first. I entered the office and he was finishing a short meeting with his younger employees. I played the game, sliding smoothly my heels on the floor to get a glass of water, the way which I sat down, and I played the total slutty MILF. And when I began to play with my heels, dangling them, the guys stopped talking and began to take a glimpse at me. That was it!

After that, it was a part of our sex life, teasing, flashing, etc. My hubby pushed me more and more in this direction. Only grab opportunities was our motto!

We’re not into the swinger’s scene but if we had a chance to have some fun, why not? Guys wanted to flirt with me in bars? I could play with their cocks while my hubby was sitting beside me drinking; go to the restroom flashing off my tits and letting them play with it. We haven’t had a properly threesome, we were only aware of those moments to tease people and see how they would react. And we talked a lot to put things really down and clear. That’s really important. Bottom line, it definitely glued our relationship together really.

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Images courtesy of Lady Classy Eve
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