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Mistress Inka’s Introduction to Wax Play


Mistress Inka’s Introduction to Wax Play

In today’s beautifully liberated world, a great many wonderful, horrible, secretive things are finding themselves welcomemistress-inka1d into increasingly fashionable circles. One such shameless little social climber is my old but dear friend, Wax Play.

Abandoning the stigma of society’s underbelly was fairly easy for Wax Play, owing some of her new found popularity to the introduction of specialist products such as low temperature burning candles and massage candles. Sure, we can still just grab a stick off the brassware for that raw, unstoppable, right-bloody-now kind of moment we so often find ourselves in. But the massage candle, warming the muscle in perfect preparation for whomsoever’s hands give its title purpose? Or better still, the edible massage candle. What a slut! With her scarlet reputation we’re bound to learn a thing or two. Yummy.

But if Wax Play is new mistress—only just having met but making an impression—before you go raiding the kitchen cupboards or stripping down the dinning room table, maybe a little product knowledge might be useful, what with such a verity of these floozies ready to be toyed with.

So all of these scrumptious little tarts have different melting points. Of course I have no interest in listing exactly what plain boring degree each candle burns at, because I’m not incredibly dull, so instead I’ll give you a basic rundown as a starting point.

Candles, like pretty much everything, come in a rather pleasing array of shapes, sizes, colours and so on. Each having it’s own intriguing personality. If, for example, it comes in a jar then it’ll most likely be soft and therefore have a lower melting point (not too burny) . However, these are usually scented and/or coloured, and at least one of these elements might raise the candle’s temperature. I’m not entirely convinced this is true, but it’s still something to bear in mind. Also, stay away from metallic candles. They might look good but they have metal in them, obviously, which is unpredictably hot.

unnamedFor me, as a safe bet I’d recommend the white pillar candle. She’s nice and wide so a pool can gather making her wax cooler. You can also mould her neck as her wax softens around her shoulder, making a little pourer.

Next up is the taper. She offers a lot of control; a perfect dripper.

Then there’s beeswax. The novice should steer clear of her as she’s a bit of a hot head. Other no-no’s are birthday candles. They’re plastic bitches, all fake. And tea lights, their metal holders turn them into mucky little lava pots.

So now you have your basic white pillar or taper at the ready, it’s time to play. Well, almost. These girls are messy eaters so think about protecting furniture and/or bedclothes. Also think of your partner’s skin and pain threshold; hair can be difficult, unless you’re feeling sadistic and ripping out clumps of hair is part of unname111dthe plan, of course. A little protection, such as lotions which can be rubbed on first, are a nice touch. Watch they’re not oil based as adding heat to oil can have an undesired effect. Try a little Vaseline, perhaps, which I generally have by the bedside, anyway. Also prepare for fire hazards, maybe have a jug of water at the ready. Make it iced, then you can always use a cube or two on your playmate for contrasting sensations.

Health and safety over, let’s think of methods of application. There’s dripping, of course, but what about tying your candle or candles above your partner so your hands are free for other things? Pooling the wax creates a steady stream for a prolonged, intense and torturous apprehension. Melt down your wax the same way you might melt chocolate (stick it in a pot or a bowl and heat it on the hob), or you can buy a wax melting pot. If you don’t want to pour, then brush it on with a paint brush for a really carnal feel. Get creative with different colours, your partner can become your canvas. Remember to test your colours on the back of your hand first, though, so as not to scold your subject. What about pouring your wax into a cookie cutter then peeling if off to leave a temporary brand? Or tape off an area of flesh? There are so many possibilities so have fun exploring, and remember, take your time. We’ve got all night.

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Mistress Inka

Mistress Inka, a stunningly beautiful, red headed, Edinburgh Dominatrix that is both confident and competent in all areas of BDSM she chooses to specialize in. Her private chambers are located a mere five minutes away from the heart of Edinburgh in a discrete location. Safe, consensual sessions available for BDSM novices and well experienced subs. Within the walls of Maison de Débauche – the dungeon of both Mistress Inka and fellow dominatrix Miss Marilyn –most aspects of BDSM are catered for. Roleplay sessions are also available at this house of debauchery!


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