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Sizzling Sexy Showtime!


Sizzling Sexy Showtime!

Cabaret-2I guess, you sexy ladies were all inspired by the latest lingerie trends I wrote about earlier in June and I believe you have already bought some new nice stuff to present to your sweetheart. But have you also thought about a private showtime event at home? Have you ever surprised your man with a striptease or a burlesque dance? In fact this is nothing to be frightened of if you feel comfortable dancing. It is just dancing in a very seductive way while slowly undressing yourself. Here’s a guide on getting yourself prepared:

Chose the right outfit. You will need a few layers to take them off little by little. So what would you like to wear on top of your lingerie? It must make you feel sexy and also it should be easy to be taken off. Perhaps, start simple with a skirt and a blouse (Extra benefit: A blouse has buttons (…!!), You will look very tempting while taking your time to button down once at a time. Remember, a good striptease should be slow and sensuous, one that involves delaying tactics to keep the suspense.

You like role plays? Then you could also go for a naughty French Maid or Nurse custom!

Choose your lingerie. Easy task. Pick your favorite items: Your new seductive bra with the matching brief plus the absolute must-have for a perfect striptease: the garter belt and stockings. Ensure that everything fits well and makes you feel sexy and confident. Got your outfit? Great! Next, just add some killer high heels, put on perfume and nice make-up, consider false eyelashes and give your hair a seductive out of bed look.

Setting up your stage. Choose the music you like, take care in choosing a seductive lighting and add a chair or small table to support your sexy moves.

Attitude. You are the hot seductive star of the night, feel confident and sensual, do not laugh or blush, Be playful, move slowly. Keep eye contact and show your best seductive smile and enjoy yourself while doing so!

Striptease is all about teasing and desire. Create suggestive promises. Make him want you so much by touching yourself and sending him secret messages with your eyes. Make him crazy while he can just watch and is not allowed to touch you (…yet)!

Irina StrapsPractice your choreography. Move your body, hips up and down, move around, touch yourself, your face, your hair, your body, bend forward and show your cleavage, use the chair to play with (maybe sit in the chair and open your legs for a short Sharon Stone moment), but all in a very SLOW and seductive way. Take your time seducing him.

To undress. Turn away from your man, take off clothes, turn around, holding the garment in your hand and then throw it gently in your partner´s direction. When you are just wearing bra and underpants, make sure you are still wearing your high heels to keep a sexy body tension. Take of the bra now and then the knickers but cover your private parts with your hands at first and then take them away while turning to your man and give him your most seductive smile. Walk around naked in your high heels. Let him see how beautiful you are!

How would that feel? If you still feel a bit shy, try SKYPE and send him to the next room. Increase the excitement by allowing him to give you some instructions online. 

Okay, ready now? Then let the music play! And if you don´t like dancing, try sending sexy selfies in seductive poses wearing your new lingerie! You will be surprised about the results! And if you feel confident, send us your best snapshorts here:

Jutta Teschner BA (Hons) | Design and Managing Director | fishbelly

fishbelly is located at 45, Hollywood Road 1/F, Soho/Central, Hong KongFor more enquiries, contact fishbelly at Tel. (+852) 5111 9877, or visit their website at

Images courtesy of Jutta Teschner
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Jutta Teschner

fishbelly, the brainchild of Jutta Teschner, is an award-winning designer lingerie brand originally from the über trendy German hotspot Berlin. Designing beautiful lingerie for the past 15 years, gaining a huge popularity all over the world, fishbelly has won design awards and has been mentioned in countless press releases and lingerie books. Apart from their innovative designs, fishbelly uses only the best materials like high-quality laces and embroideries from Europe for our nearly handmade pieces, which is another factor for their success. On 8th March 2014, fishbelly announced the opening of their Soho flagship store in the stunning cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. fishbelly is located at 45, Hollywood Road 1/F, Soho/Central, Hong Kong. For more enquiries, contact fishbelly at Tel. (+852) 5111 9877, or visit their website at


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