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Love is Blind—Try “Dining in the Dark”


Love is Blind—Try “Dining in the Dark”

Love is blind. I am sure many would have agreed. Having coached many singles now, I realized that many are overly fixated on the superficial outward appearance and often forget what is more important—the heart, personality and character.

[pullquote align=”right”]”This event allows me to ‎unveil my true self in the dark” – EJ, 31[/pullquote]

This inspiration came about when I was having a team bonding dinner with my wedding planning team from Wedding Angels. In the midst of being served by a specially trained visually impaired server, he share his love story with his wife. What was preconceived as a potentially boring 2.5 hours dinner with no visual stimulation and no mobile phones, now became an inspiring and life transforming experience.

In this modern society, we rely too much on our eyes to pre-judge whether someone is worthy of our love, time and effort. Many individuals are too bothered by the achievements and outward appearance of potential partners that they forget to go back to the basics—the heart, personality and character, which is what really matters. I would like to bring the singles back to what is most fundamental—Love is blind, and we mean it.  Nox–Dine in the Dark, a pitch-dark dining room restaurant served by the visually impaired waiters and world-class chefs, provides a great environment to run this event. For the first time ever in Singapore, 12 eligible individuals will be put together in this miracle ground for a 2.5 hours lunch. No lights, no mobile phones, no distraction. Individuals will not get to see how each other look until the meal is over for the moment of truth!

Why can pre-judgment be dangerous?

1.      You may miss out on a potential “Mr./Ms. Right”

Yes I know, time is limited and it is our tendency not to waste time on someone when you do not feel a 100% YES in your heart when it comes to looks. However, I would like to plead with the singles to understand that it only takes $1000 and 1 week for someone to change on the outside. Moreover, man increase in their charm as they age. On the contrary, what is going to happen if you are 100% pleased with the outward but he/she has major flaws which needs fine tuning? Will $1000 and 1 week do the job? I rather you choose to revamp the potential partner on the former aspects rather than EXPECT a change on the latter, because some internal issues can be rather permanent and hard to change. You may not even get to see a change in this lifetime, do bear that in mind.

2.      You are actually being very shallow

As much as you would like others to give you a “chance”, why not follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you. Your acceptance for someone’s vulnerability also opens a way for him/her to accept yours. When you are not Angelina Jolie, please do not expect a Brad Pitt material guy to go after you. I have hosted so many speed dating events whereby girls are all crowding around the most handsome guy in the room. I am not sure if you would like your man to always receive this kind of attention when you are dating him, or if you think you can “keep” him with your level of charm. Life can be very challenging thereafter, have you thought objectively about it? Do you see yourself turning into a jealous freak, having to manage all these “attention” and feel insecure about it? In any case, go for someone who want you and will reciprocate the way you do. What’s most important is inside. Looks fade with time, but character doesn’t. Someone once told me that when you are married to someone, you are married to his CHARACTER, not his LOOKS. So true.

[pullquote]”‎It’s a refreshing and must-try experience for every single” – Keith, 29[/pullquote] Co-hosting with the previous facilitator of “Dialogue in the Dark” and current server at NOX–Dine in the Dark, we are going to make “Dating in the Dark” a success. Just as “Dialogue in the Dark” provides an uninhibited environment for expression, “Dating in the Dark” aims to provide individuals with the same environment for introspection, healing, expression, and most importantly “see” from the heart.

So what exactly happened?

The ladies were scheduled to arrive 20 minutes before the gents. Welcoming them was a visually impaired server who later shared his inspiring life story with them. The room was pitch dark but was filled with laughter, great conversations and cool company. Everyone had fun trying to pour a glass of water in the dark. After 1.5 hours in the dark, the afternoon ended off with laughter and 5 mutual matches. The next time you are ready for unconventional, ultimate date, try “Dating in the Dark”.

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Cindy Leong

A Dating and Relationship Coach who has helped many youths and professionals in their journey through relationship searching and building. Cindy is a direct and energetic individual, who aims to bring out the best in everyone she meets. Her extensive coaching and dating experience has helped her coach men to find their social standing in the society.

Cindy holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, majoring in Communications and has done many research studies in the area of Gender Communications, Cultural Communications, Jealousy and Mating Choices.

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