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Three Ways to Get Your Sexy On This Fall


Three Ways to Get Your Sexy On This Fall

It’s autumn here in the States and this time of the ear always feels bittersweet. Gone are the long summer days and sultry nights, seemingly endless sunshine, and lazy Sundays cuddling with a good book or a good partner.

In their place is the crisp freshness of fall, which will forever represent a time of new beginnings. It’s a chance to start fresh, almost like a second New Year’s. Don’t you just love that? It’s time to take stock of your life, work, and relationships, question what’s working and what’s not, and decide where you want to go for the last few months of the year. Though you may associate this cleaning with spring, fall is also a perfect time to do a little clearing out. My favorite place to start? The closet.

What summer clothes left you feeling less than confident and sexy? Which fall/winter clothes don’t fit really well or don’t help you look and feel your best? Out they go! As I get more comfortable with my body and fashion (see my Instagram account if you have no clue what I’m talking about), I’m learning what makes me feel best. This process can help you do the same!

Side note: I totally used to reject the idea of “looking good” to feel good as superficial or an impossible standard that didn’t fit my body. Now that I’m embracing me for me, I’m seeing the connection oh so clearly and it’s reaffirming something I’ve always said:

When you feel amazing, you have better sex. <–tweet that

 Want more ideas for feeling your sexiest during this change in seasons? Below are three areas where you can let go to get sexy.

  1. In the bedroom. As the seasons change, you may find yourself craving less excitement and more cuddling, savoring the sweet and slow over the hard and fast. Enjoy pleasure for pleasure’s sake and take your time building to orgasm versus just getting it done. Indulge in every whisper, stroke, kiss, touch, and kiss.
  2. During your morning routine. The change in weather can be tough on your skin, making fall the perfect time to pamper yourself more than usual. I love taking a few extra minutes to moisturize after my shower and really get in touch with how my body is doing. The goal is to luxuriate in your body. Extra points if you treat yourself to a professional massage or spa treatment.
  3. In your everyday. I’ve written about making everyday more sensual in the past. But with fall, you may find yourself craving warmth, grounding, and connection. For me, that comes in the form of candles, tea, lattes, and foot soaks. For you, it may be bowls of warm cereal, coffee, and the extra layer of clothes we’re starting to need.

All of these tips are focused on helping you feel your sexiest even as the temps drop and the “summer heat” (take that as you will) fades. If you find yourself wanting to clean out or needing some extra pampering, give in. Indulge yourself pleasure seeker—you deserve it!

In the comments section, tell me one way you would like to pamper yourself this fall.

Your Partner in Passion,
Kait xo

This article has been republished with permission from Kait Scalisi. Please visit Kait Scalisi‘s website to view original post and more of Kait’s works.

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Kait Scalisi

Kait Scalisi is a sex educator, writer, and consultant who focuses on helping others find freedom in pleasure. Her interests include passionate monogamy, sex-positive approaches to violence prevention, and the intersection among sexual health, pleasure, and chronic disease. Kait has over five years of teaching experience with audiences ranging from cancer survivors to college students, new moms to survivors of sex trafficking. With a background in both health education and neuroscience, Kait has a deep understanding of the physiological and psychological processes underlying pleasure as well as how to share this information in an engaging, entertaining, and accessible way. She is a featured writer for Sexual Health Rankings, the author of several pamphlets produced by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, and a contributor to The Pink Paper and the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation. Her work also has been featured at conferences hosted by Emory University's Respect Program, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society. Kait currently lives in NYC where she spends her days exploring the secrets of Central Park and advocating for reproductive justice with Planned Parenthood's Activist Council.

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