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Pornstar from Philippines, May Ling Su!


Pornstar from Philippines, May Ling Su!

May Ling Su is a performer/producer of erotica and pornography. She polarized audiences with her performance with the notorious Max Hardcore, followed by a gallery exhibit of menstrual blood art.  Her portraits by celebrity photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders are in the book, “XXX: 30 Porn Star Portraits” and exhibited in fine galleries worldwide. She also appeared on “Thinking XXX,” an HBO documentary on the making of the book. She was nominated for the Feminist Porn Award. A short documentary film about her work was aired on the award-winning Dutch show Metropolis TV.  Anointed as a Pornsaint in Italy, artists painted her portraits and exhibited in Amsterdam and Zurich.  New York pop artist Sucklord created a Scratch ‘n Sniff Pussy May Ling Su trading card in his Suckpax 3 collection.  This year she began producing sexy audio books available on iTunes and Amazon. She blogs at and tweets @maylingsu.

SimplySxy:  What is your personal view on pornography?

May Ling Su:  Pornography can be a great way to discover one’s sexuality.  Sex ed is important, but it can be a very dry way of presenting something that is beyond physiological.  Porn can show us what excites us, peak our curiosity, let us know we’re not alone if our interests are beyond what’s typical, present ideas for adding spice to a relationship.  On the flip side it can also show us what repels us, which is just as important to know as what attracts us.

SimplySxy:  What were some of the challenges which you faced when you started out in the industry? 

May:  I am an independent pornographer.  The challenge of creating a viable business while being true to myself was there when I started out in the industry, and remains throughout all the time I’ve spent in it.  My husband and I started making porn when we were young newlyweds, now we’re juggling parenthood with the need to maintain the spark that is vital to keeping a relationship together.  Our needs have changed.  But the challenge is the same: how to be true to ourselves and still provide our audience with porn that they love.


SimplySxy:  What are your views regarding pornography addiction?

May:  Pornography addiction is no different from any addiction.  If your real life is suffering from your use of it, you’ve got a problem.  If you use it to make your life better, perhaps as a way to communicate with your partner, then you are mastering a powerful tool.

SimplySxy:  Please share with us one tip for ladies to enjoy anal sex? 

May:  Just one? I’ve got a few: First, prepare for it.  If you’re clean down there, you’ll feel more confident sharing it with your partner.  Second, lube well.  I personally prefer natural over synthetic bottled lube.  Saliva is awesome, but if you must, try organic extra virgin coconut oil. You can get that at your local health food store. It melts to the touch and smells fantastic.  Third, relax.  I realize it’s easier said than done, but it’s really important not to tense up down there.  Fourth, take care of yourself after.  Take a warm bath.  Pamper yourself.  Drink lots of water.

SimplySxy:  What is the ultimate role play for you?

May:  I like playing the bad girl.  I’m such a good girl in real life.  I’m really responsible and mindful.  Always have been.  So in sex play I like going against my usual type.  I love being the naughtiest and dirtiest, whether it’s the naughty schoolgirl who’s being punished or the nasty siren leading a good man astray.

SimplySxy:  Which do you think is the sexiest part of a men’s body?

May:  The sexiest part of a man’s body is his brain.  I love smart men.  I love geeky men.  I love men who have a wicked sense of humor.

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite sex toy?

May:  I used to have a little clown vibe, and it came with a red fabric hat.  Had it forever, took it with me everywhere.  It died just recently.  I’ve been trying different toys, but I haven’t found anything as good.  I miss that little clown.

SimplySxy:  Share with us one secret to spice it up in bed with a lover?

May:  No matter what your preferences are, whether you’re vanilla or kinky, one thing you can do to heat things up really quickly is talk dirty.  You could be in the dark, naked under the sheets but some dirty talk can elevate the moment into a fantasy.  Accents are fun, and if you speak a different language, that can be very sexy as well.


SimplySxy:  What defines a sexy man according to you?

May:  A sexy man is one who uses everything in his power to seduce.  He takes care of his body, and makes the most of what he’s got.  He uses the power of words to captivate, whether it’s spoken, or sent by email, text, handwritten notes.  And presents!  Everyone likes presents!  A sexy man is devoted to sharing pleasure and mischief with his partner.

SimplySxy:  In your opinion, what can a guy do to give a girl a mind-blowing orgasm?

May:  I think there is too much pressure on the orgasm.  So many rules, tips and how-to’s.  10 Ways to Give a Girl a Mind-Blowing Orgasm, as if just going through the checklist would guarantee one.  We’ve forgotten that sex play is PLAY.  My advice is just play!  Discover each other, see what makes the other feel good, get out your toys, laugh at mistakes, push the envelope, surprise each other, be bad.  At the end of it the question shouldn’t be, did you come?  It should be, did you have fun?

A message from you to all your fans and the SimplySxy readers:

Thank you for having me on SimplySxy.  If I’ve inspired some kind of naughty fun in you, I’d love to read about it.  Comment below.  If it’s too naughty, comment at my blog (NSFW).  You can also connect with me @maylingsu on twitter and instagram; or look up May Ling Su on Facebook and G+.  See you soon!

Love, Lust and Liberty,
May Ling Su

Images courtesy of May Ling Su

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