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Harmonie Marquise

Harmonie Marquise

Prior to joining the adult industry, Harmonie's whole life revolved around entertainment. Her toddler years were spent in Beauty Pageants and the Alaskan Children's Choir, when she wasn't getting down and dirty with sports like T-Ball and Football. She's played 3 instruments by the time she reached high school, and has sang and danced her entire life; hence her stage name "Harmonie". Following her move to Orlando, Fl she began taking Ballet, Jazz, and hip-hop lessons and later dropped everything but hip-hop. She began choreography with her brother up until her focus took the exotic route at 18. It wasn't until after featuring and choreographing a piece in The 2 Live Crew's 2014 single "Take It Off" that she officially became a choreographer. Harmonie then took a break from exotic dancing to begin a career in modeling and adult film, and to pick back up on fashion design. She's currently active in her career, and working on a few different fashion lines.

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