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Christy Goldstein

Christy Goldstein

Christy Goldstein is a self employed writer from Columbus, Ohio. She specializes in relationships and how to be successful in dating. If you’re looking for direction in your relationship, Christy will act as your best friend. She may be even better due to her honesty above everything else.

Christy specializes in helping people set goals in their relationship and sticking to them. She writes advice about all things sex related and will help you realize what patterns are causing friction in your life. One of her main contributing factors is giving it to you straight. If she sees you are using patterns that don’t work, she will tell you flat out. Her means of communicating to you will often be the best way to get a point across.

Christy works as a matchmaker and writer for an online dating site. She can guide you towards finding the right man that wants the right things from you. Once you’re in a relationship, she can further guide you to a sexually and emotionally fulfilling partnership.

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