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Cece Richwood

Cece Richwood

Cece Richwood (formerly known as Cici Stiff) is an 18 year old rising porn star and former escort from Canada. Cece dropped out of high school after 2 years leaving her passion for playing American football behind. Knowing she would enter the sex work industry and some day make it big, Cece kept her stage name true to what she is known by in her personal life (Cece/Cecilia) her family and friends are all aware of her choice to be a sex worker and supports her. Currently Cece works at a health center as a day job and is striving to shine in the porn industry while taking her experiences as an escort to guide her through the sex work industry. Cece has an upcoming episode airing on MTV called “MTV True Life: I need Danger Sex” documenting her life as a sex worker, and discovering the category of “Dangerous Sex” porn.

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