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Unique Pornography That Is Surprisingly Popular


Unique Pornography That Is Surprisingly Popular

Porn lovers are always interested in experimenting with new types of videos. Unless they experiment extensively, they may never find the videos that they’ll enjoy the most. The only downside is that they may watch videos that they don’t enjoy. Surprisingly, some people have developed a love for unique pornography that may seem odd to others. For instance, many have started watching cosplay porn, scarfing, and others.

What are some of the most unique porn genres that are surprisingly popular?


Scarfing obviously isn’t for everyone since it can be harmful. Participants have to be extremely careful to avoid serious harm. Nevertheless, some people like the idea of watching scarfing pornography which involves autoerotic asphyxiation. It is called scarfing because it is common for scarfs to be used to help suffocate the participant.

The performers are sometimes suffocated to the point that their faces turn red and they nearly pass out. Despite being risky and odd, some people like watching this porn. Scarfing is often featured in BDSM videos although this is not always the case.


The gonzo genre has also become popular. It is named after Hunter S Thompson who created the gonzo style of journalism. Thompson was known for doing everything on his own and doing it on a budget. Gonzo porn follows this trend since there is usually only one cameraman. The guy controlling the camera will be responsible for other aspects of the production too.

Although this can create a low-budget feel, some viewers prefer gonzo porn because it makes them feel like part of the experience.


JOI is primarily available on webcam sites since it involves the performer giving detailed instructions to the viewer. Once you’ve found a performer, you will need to enter a private session with her. If you ask for the JOI experience, the performer will tell you what to do. She may ask you to masturbate in a specific way or to close your eyes while doing it.

The possibilities are endless. People enjoy JOI because they don’t know what to expect. They can never tell what the performer is going to tell them to do.


Costume porn is popular, but some genres are more popular than others. Cosplay, schoolgirl, and cop porn are usually the most popular. Nevertheless, there are certain obscure genres that are loved by viewers. Alien porn fits into this group. For whatever reason, viewers enjoy watching aliens have sex with men and women. There is nothing else like it because aliens are mysterious beings.

Fans of costume porn should consider watching videos with aliens. They may like this genre more than cosplay.


Although it is unfortunate, some people are repulsed by the sight of an amputated limb. As for others, there is something about it that turns them on. The people in the latter category will love watching acrotomophilia. Surprisingly, this genre of porn features amputees. It could be a female with a missing arm or leg. Alternatively, it could be two or more performers with amputations.

Regardless, these videos are always going to have people with amputations. Who knows? If you watch these videos, you may enjoy them.

Stranger On The Rocks

Many sexual acts involve some type of suffering. Stranger on the Rocks fits this requirement. In these videos, the performer is going to stick their hand into a bowl or bucket of ice. Once their hand becomes numb, they’ll begin pleasuring themselves. Although it sounds off, this genre is actually popular and many viewers will experiment with the technique.

It is similar to masturbating using your non-dominant hand. Either way, people enjoy watching these videos for numerous reasons.

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