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Entertainer & Model Aleata Illusion


Entertainer & Model Aleata Illusion

Hey loves! I’ve been fabulous and extremely busy working on several creative projects! I think the best part is I am starting a Horror Podcast speaking on all areas of horror in the entertainment industry and featuring many wonderful guests in the horror world! I am also still researching and working on various self published books focusing on my own fucked up life stories, true crime, and working in the obscure land of nude models. As many of you may have noticed we’ve been getting hit hard by censorship on all sites and in real life, so I’ll be working on my own personal site for all my content. My pages have been repeatedly locked up and removed, it seriously never stops.

It’s difficult to promote without social media so it’s a big fight every year and keeps getting worse. I plan on being more involved in fighting censorship in general and speaking to my audience about it to bring more awareness about what it’s causing for those of us who work in the entertainment industry, not just sex workers…but artists, musicians, photographers, and many other people who’re having their work completely erased from the internet. So the past few years have been extremely difficult in that aspect, but also having my own personal platform will make life easier! I will continuing my same grind only adding more amazing projects to it!

As soon as Covid calms down I will be out at modeling events and entertainment conventions as usual…I am so stoked for them!!! I miss seeing all those beautiful faces and meeting new people with my same interests! I want to get involved with as much entertainment content as I can, especially in the horror world where I began my whole journey and passion!! Having an extensive amount of home time due to the pandemic I’ve been able to plan copious shenanigans for my future! 

What type of content do you love creating and how often do you do so?

I am currently changing up a ton of my content! I’ve taken time to really look at my life and re-evaluate what I truly love, what I’ve spent my life studying and that has given me actual fire! Now I still do OF nude modeling content, but I’m also going back to my happy place in horror. I have always continued working on my books, but I will be live streaming/posting a video series of a podcast dedicated to everything horror entertainment related. I am going to be addressing everything from comic books to film, true crime to anime and foreign media…I want there to be an intriguing subject for everyone! I am a creative photographer and also post all my work from my travels and shoots!

I adore working on both sides of the camera, but especially making other woman feel the most beautiful and confident they’ve ever been! I am very artistic and continue designing/sewing clothing and making home decor/creepy macabre creations with my son! I always keep all my social media updated for my Aleata Illusion crew with all types of insanity, hilarity, fresh projects, and links for everything! Even if projects are running slow, I will always post for my audience who has stuck with me on this long crazy road!

How is a typical day like for you now?

I know everyone is adjusting to Covid life as it is now, but I’ve pretty much lived the same way as always(except no modeling events, tattoo-horror-cosplay-comic conventions…all those types of things. I’ve been staying in a lot) So my day changes all the time depending on what I need done that day. I do so many different things…some days I’ll shoot photos for people, other days will be for errands/cleaning/home stuff, some for the podcast, some for creating content or sometimes I just spend time with my son. I’m a night owl so my time and schedule is all over the place…I love staying up late nights writing and working on content.

Do you have plans for a new tattoo, and if you do, what and where will it be?

I will be getting a lot more cartoon characters and horror pieces, I also love lots of color and definitely will be a walking rainbow of Illusions! I plan on getting most of my body covered, I just haven’t had much time currently to get anything new. When the time comes I will be more than happy to add more to my collection. I’m one of those people who genuinely only get works that are precious and meaningful to me, what I grew up on and things I legitimately adore in life! These are the things I want people to see about me! I wear them proudly!

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a risk taker are you?

I would definitely say a 10, I am extremely impulsive..I’m not going to take a week to think about something, if I want to do it, I’ll do it! That’s actually gotten me into some trouble in the past, but I think everyone is used to it now and just says, “well yeah, that’s how Aleata is!” Haha! It positively plays a role in me being Aleata Illusion in general. Back when I first started getting into entertainment I was so young and just going out and throwing myself into the world wasn’t an option, I struggled, did all the work myself with no help, and was judged harshly. I went through so much harassment and bullying when I first started modeling because I wasn’t the typical model…I have tattoos, scars, I’m only 5’4″, I was the “weird” girl, and completely looked down upon as a reject (even by other alternative models, they were extremely nasty).

I put my mind to something I dreamed of and worked my ass off to make a name for myself, and all the people who harassed me were asking me out or trying to be my friends later on when they saw I was being recognized and had legitimately made a name for myself! Now being self-made is everyone on the internet, every single person who makes social media is an Insta model or making some type of money for creating content. Now that it’s “socially accepted” people have stopped being scared of the backlash that I had to get beatdown with and are all doing it. But me, I was never scared and never will be! Fear is mental, it’s all in your head!

If you could have a superpower, what will it be?

I would say I would have the powers of an Illusionist which includes hypnotism, mind manipulation, and the ability to cause mass hysteria and riots among ordinary humans. I could deflect attacks and have regeneration abilities…I would say immortality, but I don’t want to live forever…I would never want to be anyone else ever in this world but Aleata Illusion, but still wouldn’t want to live forever. Regardless of all my comic book daydreams, being “Aleata Illusion” is my superpower! I am the irreplaceable chaotic villain who will never stop my rampage until I accomplish all my malevolent and partially wackadoo plans!

Do you believe in any superstition?

I am a student of photojournalism and will research and look into anything regardless of how bizarre it sounds to other people. I give everything a chance! When it comes to people thinking black cats and breaking mirrors are bad luck and ludicrous things of that nature, I do not believe it for a second. When it comes to the paranormal, I have witnessed encounters that cannot be explained and other people were with me who can back up my stories.

All in all I am still a skeptic at heart though and always try to look for the most practical explanation. When it comes to Urban Legends and Yokai, I am absolutely obsessed with them! It helps feed my horror hunger and curiosities! It’s fun to read and imagine other dimensions and curses existing…this is why I love writing scary stories!

What turns you off on a date?

The crazy thing is people look at me and think because I’m a nude model on the internet, that means I’m a whore that just meets up with strangers and will fuck anyone..which is not the case at all…I actually haven’t dated for over 6 years. BUT when it does come to dating the biggest pet peeves I have are someone not having the same sense of dark humor as me, condescending behaviors, I have a phobia of hairy everything , any type of players who try to use you or text other people non-stop when you’re trying to speak and hiding their phone screen, anyone expecting hooking up on a first date, just basically people who are shallow and only care about clout, how popular you are, and your level of attractiveness.

There are too many people in the world searching for the wrong things …it’s like real relationships and love are extinct, it’s really disappointing in general. Even people I have thought were my friends I realized years later were literally just trying to date or “hook up” with me and thought because I was talking to them that they were going to weasel their way into my life. It’s just crazy now! I guess you could say I don’t plan on dating probably ever again. I am only worried about my family because they are what’s important to me.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Aleata. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

The word “sexy” to me is a representation of more than just surface attraction. Someone having the same sense of dark offensive humor as me is sexy! A significant other sacrificing anything to be near me is sexy! Intelligence is sexy! Super Villains bent on destruction are sexy! Being respectful and polite is sexy!

There is so much more to people than appearance and sex, always search deeper and you’ll discover something more genuine and long-lasting.


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