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Influencer Jessyca Morielle


Influencer Jessyca Morielle

Ever since I was a kid, people tend to call me kikay for being so girly. They always misconceive my looks up until now; they thought I was nitpicky. Maybe it is because of my fashion style, the so-called chic fashion style.  Chic means a classy look produced from the combinations of a few items done with minimal effort with a touch of very girly style.

I believe that I was born to be like this, to wear chic fashion style outfits, this is who I am, and if people who love this kind of style are pretentious, then I am guilty. I don’t have a specific inspiration in fashion styles, but I admire Zendaya and Heart Evangelista’s style a lot.

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I do love singing and playing musical instruments. I started singing at the age of one. I also love writing, speaking in front, acting, modeling; to be specific, I love performing. I am a watching debate and extemporaneous speech enthusiasm; maybe because I want to be a lawyer someday, hopefully, I can be one.

All those things were the things that I’m doing every day because it is all my passion, and I am very thankful to the Lord God for giving me talents that suited my hobbies and interests.

Which 3 things do you love about in the city you live in?

The three things that I love in the city that I live in are, first people tend to be generous with one another. Residences were helping each other amid the pandemic. Second, our mayor is trying his best to expand the state of our economy and, now we are the 1st class municipality in the province of Rizal. Lastly, the officials were preserving the culture and history of the place.

If you can be a fictional character for real, who will you be?

If I can be a fictional character for real, I will be Carmela Isabela. Carmela Isabela is the main character from my favorite Wattpad book. I always wanted to live in the past generations wherein everything was simple. People were careful with their decisions, and being impulsive was not a choice. Love is pure and sincere, God is the center of all things, and you need to put a lot of effort if you want to communicate with someone.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but have yet to find the time for it?

Whenever I want to learn something, I always find time to study or to learn it. I believe that when you want something, you got to find ways to grab it. Remember, life is short. So, do it now, learn it now, or lost a chance forever.

What incredible life hack do you know that is invaluable to you?

I guess the incredible life hack that I know is putting honey, calamansi, and aloe vera in your face overnight and, you will see that it will be glowy and whitens your face in the morning. I don’t know if it truly works but, I guess it does cause I’m doing it sometimes.

What is an ideal first date to you?

Maybe the ideal first date for me is an outdoor cafeteria date night. I do love cafeterias because I’m a fan of sweet food like cakes, cookies, etc. I also love being outside at night because it is cold, relaxing, and magical, especially when it has lights above. Lastly, I like it because you can bond and talk for hours, you can both get to know each other more in that way.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Jessyca. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

For me, being sexy is having confidence. By accepting and loving yourself from who you are and by embracing your imperfections and being uniquely you, that is sexy. It doesn’t confine with society’s standards, by being flawless, petite, mestiza, tall, or having a so-called coca-cola body. It is all about your mindset, your acceptance, which derives confidence. Let us all be our definition of sexy so, chin up, slay, and embrace yourself.

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Hi guys! I am Jessyca Morielle Manliclic, I became a part of ABS-CBN Bida Star Gandang Naturally Fresh co presented by Eskinol, Star Hunt and, Star Magic. I am also an influencer in yes style, celebasia, and different starting local brand in the Philippines. I am a YouTuber, please do subscribe to my channel. I am a featured live streamer on kumu, you can download it on play store and app store, I have a blue check there. Please also do follow me on my Instagram accounts, for my product recommendations. My mother Jea Patulot- Manliclic is my hairstylist and makeup artist in all of the photos that I am uploading, you can message her in her gmail account if you wanted to ( You can also ask questions in my curious cat account. Lastly, I would like to thank SimplySxy for having me here.

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