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Modeling Coach Jane Xu


Modeling Coach Jane Xu

After graduating from university in Beijing China, I came to Canada. I was a model in China, and continued modeling after I came to Canada. Right now I am married and have one teenage son.

Since 2015, I started to be the modeling coach for Golden Maple Modeling team in Vancouver. Our models are 40 plus, mature models. We have done about 75 shows since the team started, including Vancouver Fashion Week, shows for local designers and shops, and shows at theaters with over 2000 in the audience.

How is your fashion style like and where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

My fashion style is a combination of  elegence, chic, and a bit of sexy. I have read high fashion magazines since I was maybe 10 years old, and loved them at the first sight. I have never stopped since then.

Which is the best compliment you have received?

Only that your outfit is so glamorous and elegant that you look absolutely stunningly beautiful.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a foodie are you?

9. I love almost all kinds of food. Dining out about three times a week. I love meat but only eat when I am in a restaurant. At home I mainly eat vegetables, fruit, bakery and ice cream.

Is there a city or country you’ve always like to travel to for a holiday?

I would love to go to Milan and Paris. I love to feel the fashion wherever I go, and shop until my luggage is full.

Would you rather be able to control fire or water?


If you could time travel, what will you like to witness or experience?

I would love to be in 1800 or 1900 in Europe, love the fashion in that period. The clothing, hats, gloves, jewellery, painting, music, and so on. So beautiful.

Does chivalry still exist today?

I think so.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Jane. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy to me is keeping the clothes on, show some skin with elegance, beauty, and chic style.

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We did a billboard photo shoot for designer John Pfaff for New York Fashion Week in this September. It will be on Time Square in September.

I will be a model for New York Fashion Week between September 8th to 14th.

Images from Jane Xu

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